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Strangers in the Night
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Blizzard, h rescues man and warms him up. Is he a policeman or escaped convict. [s]

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Rebecca | 34 comments Heroine hears about prisoners escaping from a transport on the radio. The power goes out because of blizzard. She rescues man falls in love with him but doubts if he is a police officer as he says or a prisoner. Another mans comes she somehow ties them up and hold them captive until phone starts working.
It takes place in the countryside.

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Tricia (tricialen) | 112 comments This is by Linda Howard from an anthology...Once Upon A Midnight Clear...

Linda Howard - White Out

Hope Bradshaw saves the life of Price Tanner when he is caught in a blizzard near her isolated cabin. Price insists that he is a law enforcement official even if it appears that he is not. Still, love grows during their "White Out". Now, if trust could only quickly follow, a relationship could bloom...

In the midst of an Idaho blizzard, Hope Bradshaw offers shelter to a stranger--and an instant, hungry passion flares between them. When a radio bulletin warns of a dangerous escaped convict, her blood runs cold: has desire blinded her to the risks of trusting a man who is an expert at covering his tracks?

She doesn't know if he is who he says he is....he says he is law enforcement...the other man says he is...one of them is a convict.....the one she saved holds her heart...


It is also found in Strangers In the Night

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Rebecca | 34 comments White Out it is, thanks a lot

Tricia (tricialen) | 112 comments Rebecca wrote: "White Out it is, thanks a lot"

You are welcomed

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