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-- void house members are the only ones
permitted within this area

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Walking with his hands firmly clasped behind his back, Oliver stared idly up at the sculpture that sat beneath the grand glass windows, eyes flickering over the archaic novelty as he idly twisted at the silver rings along his fingers, a very obvious sign that he was in deep thought. As he had been finding himself more often than not as of late.

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Ash | 44 comments The quiet that was settling in the commons was briefly interrupted as I came down the stairs from the dormitories above. I could hear the rain pattering against the windows grow louder as I reached the floor. I paused for a moment as my senses adjusted, giving me a faint picture of the room. I could tell someone was over by the window, but couldn’t quite tell who it was from the loudness of the rain.
Don’t go near him a voice rang.
He already knows your here another quickly followed. I closed my blind eyes, slightly shaking my head as I collected myself. I knew a headache would soon follow them, but tried my best to ignore that.
I approached whomever was standing at the window, soon sensing it to be Oliver as I neared. He was facing away from me.
“Oliver.” I spoke.
“How have you been?” I hadn’t seen our house master in a small while. Things had been hectic since the tremor. Especially for our house. Everyone’s...affliction seemed to worsen. The voices were more frequent than before, and it was getting hard to keep track of them all.

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Oliver glanced at the girl when he felt her presence but otherwise kept his gaze up on the sculpture. There was a new ring on his finger. He spun that one the most, worrying his lower lip between his teeth. No one had quite noticed yet - he wondered if he should tell them. He'd come to care for the house members quite dearly.

"... Recent events have kept everyone busy" he replied vaguely as per usual. "I assume you've had better days as well, better days than these ones, at least" he added.

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Ash | 44 comments [ How many does he have normally and what are their significance? ]

Oliver was silent for a moment, and I wondered if he was too lost in thought to hear me before he spoke. Vague as usual. While it was sometimes frustrating at how vague he could be at times, it was usually for the better. The vast amount of information he had was likely a burden for him. But I knew he couldn’t share all of it with us. That was what had to be done as house master. I could just faintly sense his worry.
Why is he looking at the statue? the voices pestered. I followed his glance to the blurred art.
“You assume correct.” I exhaled.
“The voices are getting worse...they’re getting more frequent everyday.” One of my snakes made its way to his shoulder. Another wrapped around my arm.
“And you?” I asked, turning my head to him.

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<< he has six, three on each hand usually, she wouldn't be able to see what those mean because they come from a different time altogether - but the seventh one he has was given to him by jason, who just recently proposed to him >>

"... The void spirals around every individual, coiling and molding like fluid, creating a uniquely horrific experience for every active participant. It is your burden to carry, the voices you hear, the things that they tell you, blessings and curses, they characterize our house." he explained cryptically, finally turning away and stepping a little ways off from her, gazing over the vines that stretched up the glass from the inside. Sathoran catered to them.

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Ash | 44 comments [ Awww, also would they know aion is apart of him and of his glimpses? Also who is Sathoran again? ]

Again he was silent for a moment before he spoke, but this time I knew he would respond. His words reminded me of when I was first accepted into our house. He explained my abilities and how the void affected them. I had learned a lot about myself through Oliver, and I would always be grateful to him for that. Though I didn’t fail to notice how he so elegantly avoided my question. Though in a way I supposed this answered it. Things must be getting worse for him, as they have for all of us. I sensed his gaze shift, and it was now facing towards the window. The window was the most stimulating in regards to my senses. Not only could I simply sense it, but the loudness of the rain added more to it. It wasn’t always easy to explain. I decided not to press him more about it. Or at the very least, I wouldn’t ask how he was affected. He had enough to worry about.
He’s lying to you
He keeps all the secrets from you
The voices overlapped one another. I ignored them to the best of my ability.
“I’ll make sure to let you know if they say anything interesting.” I brushed one of my snakes gently out of my face.

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<< uhmmm
they'd probably vaguely vaguely allude to him being aion. and the glimpses perhaps too but everything would be super cryptic because that happened a very long time ago
sathoran is a void house member dryad girl >>

Oliver toyed with the engagement ring now, furrowing his brows faintly, "You don't have to. Be aware that in the coming days.. months even, things will be.. difficult. They may be harder than they ever have been before. But also know that you are fully capable of weathering the storm." he explained calmly, furrowing reaching up to mess with his collar, an exceptionally high collar. He always wore it pushed upwards, concealing the majority of his neck.

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Ash | 44 comments [ Ah, I see! I just wanted to make sure bc I was debating on having her be direct and ask him abt it but if she doesn’t know much then she can’t lol. Also what is his collar hiding? (Sorry for all the questions) ]

His words comforted me. But at the same time they added a foreboding to the air. His arm reached up and fiddled with his collar. He always seemed to wear high collar shirts. Or made them so. He was really anxious, want he?. Things must be bad for his mind to be so far elsewhere. It was easy to see he had quite a lot on his mind.
“Who else knows?” I asked, moving to sit in one of the nearby chairs. Maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea for him to sit either. Though I know from experience it is hard to do so in his state.

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<< no no ask all the questions you need! void is really confusing, im not the greatest at explaining stuff, and he's not the type to get angry or anything so if she wants to ask about it he wouldnt blame her >>

"Knowing is the nature of those within this house. They've known even before it began, though many hadn't quite realized it. I'm sure perhaps you even knew." he folded his arms over his chest.

"It's important, though, that regardless of the actions you might take, choices you'll need to decide on - that you remain in touch with your intuition. Your mind is connected to something older than time itself, if it's aim is to speak with you, be sure to listen closely" he explained, leaning against the wall.

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Ash | 44 comments [ Okay! Got it ]

“You’re not wrong, as usual.” I replied. My sensing shows me a lot of things. Though nothing is ever clear, the feelings are still there. I let out a huff in response to his words, a faint smile to be seen on my lips.
“I don’t think I could be out of touch with my intuition, my mind always likes to race. Though, that isn’t always a good thing.” I could feel a hint of anxiety in the back of my mind at his last few words.
“I know I have to listen to it, but...” I paused and took a quite breath.
“You know what I have to do in order to hear.” One of my snakes brushed against my cheek again. I could feel it’s little tongue flick across my skin before retreating back.
You have to listen
No, they’re lies, you mustn’t

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"Keep in mind that there is a distinct difference between intuition and doubt, Kylias." he spoke pointedly, eyeing the snakes that moved on their own. They were intriguing to him, though he'd never commented on them.

His fingers moved along the rings a little faster now, brows furrowing, "... Other than the tremor, and the voices, has anything else odd happened around here? Have you noticed anything peculiar" he suddenly asked.

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Ash | 44 comments I nodded at his words, making a mental note to remember them. He made an excellent point, as usual. He was almost always right, which was sometimes a bit irritating, but in most cases it was quite helpful. Another thing I was grateful to Oliver for.
My expression turned a bit quizzical at his question. Oliver wasn’t the one usually asking the questions. I thought for a moment, doing my to try and remember if anything had seemed off lately.
“Hm...I haven’t noticed anything major, besides the tension after the tremor. Though I have noticed it’s made you quite anxious. You’re fiddling more than usual.” I stated.

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"It's made everyone quite anxious" Oliver clarified, biting his lip. That wasn't the only reason he was anxious of course - he knew that there were some outcomes where Jason wouldn't survive. He could see them. They frightened him.

"Even the most level headed students have been acting out. It's almost surreal - how easily something so tiny as a shift in the balance could destroy every semblance of peace, only in the snap of a man's fingers" he explained, trying to draw the attention away from himself.

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Ash | 44 comments Oliver wasn’t incorrect in his statement. Everyone had been more anxious. Especially all of us in the void house. But Oliver was even more so. I wondered if anything else had been revealed to him as of late that added on to his stress. He avoided me yet again, he was very good at keeping the conversation topic away from himself. But that didn’t mean I hadn’t noticed. Though his words did intrigue me. A man’s fingers? His tone caught my attention.
“You sound as if you know that man.” I stated. I didn’t much about the tremor, and I would bet quite a bit of money Oliver did. He always seemed to know more than anyone else did. It was probably due to his abilities, which he was also very secretive of.

He knows, something!
He knows! He knows!
Make him tell you

The voices whispered on.

[ Btw I picture her voices sounding like the whispers you hear in the game: Hellblade, Senua’s Sacrifice ]

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Oliver tilted his head and raised his brows, "I do." he said simply, "But knowing that man is irrelevant. You cannot stop the inevitable. Knowing the source of a stream doesn't stop it from running its course, and doing so would be interfering with the natural processes of life. We are not activists, we do not have a cause, Kylias. We know. We see" he explained.

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Ash | 44 comments My eyebrows raised slightly at his response. I wondered how Oliver knew this man. How long? Did he know why or how he was able to cause such a shift in the tides of the void? I wouldn’t doubt it either way, but he probably had some inkling.
“That does not mean we cannot prepare for what happens.” I added, pausing for a brief moment before engaging my curiosity.
“How did you know him?”
Find our what he knows!
He’s hiding something from you

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"At one point or another the two of us were... on good terms. On... cordial terms." he explained slowly, "But time changes things, war shakes the dust from the carpeting, there were priorities and factors. The nature of the situation we were in had us at a crossroads. He took a different path" Oliver turned back to face her and searched her expression.

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Ash | 44 comments I observed him carefully as he spoke. Well, as well as a blind person could observe someone. I listened to his words and how he spoke carefully. I noticed a hint of melancholy in his voice. Though I wasn’t quite sure if it was about his friend or possibly something else. His blurred form shifted, and turned towards me.
“It sounds like a lifetime ago...what happened?”

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There were several beats of silence as Oliver thought about his words carefully. He supposed there was no harm in talking about it, ripping it from the ground that he'd buried it under and leaving behind a gaping hole. It was painful at times, excavating those memories from their dusty crypts. "... The gods were created in the image of man. Man knows the greatest of sorrows, and the most divine of kindnesses, and just like man, the gods are flawed. Fundamentally driven by their own agendas, pushing narratives and demanding with expectations higher than their egos" I was no different he looked away, "... It was many lifetimes ago in fact. Eras have come and go, I have witnessed countless civilizations crumble at the feet of the inept since. There was a time before society, before boxes and labels, standards to meet. That was the time of prosper." he explained somewhat vaguely. Though his words were always cryptic and difficult to decipher.

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Ash | 44 comments As the silence ticked on for a moment I briefly worried if I had possibly pushed too far. While everyone in the void house simple knew certain things, there was a lot left out of our...reach, I guess you call it. I knew that Oliver’s past wasn’t an easy one, and I doubted he was free of pain from this. But I also knew that people, regardless of whether or not they’re a god, need to process things. I was pulled suddenly from my thoughts when Oliver spoke again. As he spoke I wondered how the Gods were created. I suppose they have been born from the abyss. Washed up from it’s dark, deep shores. Oliver turned from me, his hazy mess of colors and shapes moving with him.
It couldn’t be easy explaining this. Revisiting old memories one would wish was left in the dark depths of the mind. Pushed out from all remembrance. I wondered how much worse it would be if he rehashed all the details. Every moment.
“It was the time of peace.” I added. I had a faint idea of what had happened since then from my glimpses and the whispers. But I decided to leave it there, and not ask more, unless Oliver felt comfortable sharing more. I didn’t want to add more stress and anxiety to the current situation.

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"Bittersweet in its brevity, yes. I knew a man then, a man with ambition and drive and intentions to make the world a better place as he saw it - intentions that were well rounded, and thus admirable. And now before me I see a man on puppet strings, strewn along carelessly, actions without consideration of consequence." he explained, twisting the rings along his fingers once more.

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Ash | 44 comments I noticed the movements and the twisting of the rings. But it wasn’t never quite clear to me which exact ring he was twisting. I wondered if he twisted different ones for different worries or feelings.
He always twists and fiddles
Why does he do it?
Make him stop
Make him stop!

I shook my head ever so slightly, ignoring the voices.
“Do you believe there is anyway to restore that man to what he once was?”

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"Nature has a rather amusing way of revealing all of our weaknesses - as such, time will naturally peel away at his resolve. But in the end, the choices he's made have actually made him - and one can't help but wonder if perhaps he was this man, as he is now, all along." he explained, eyes roaming over the statue once more. It was a chiseled marble statue, homage to the boy who flew too close to the sun. The wings reminded him of Jason's and he let out a quiet sigh as he considered the thought.

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Ash | 44 comments I nodded, mulling over his words for a brief moment. It would make sense if he was the man he had been all along, but had different motivations. But it was a shame things couldn’t be changed now. Many things had changed in the times that had past. And now tensions were at their absolute highest.
“I suppose only time will tell now.”
He watched the statue and I watched him. The statue was of Icarus, a boy in a Greek Legend. I wondered what happened to the boy’s father, after he died. I suppose he would have made it, though probably overwhelmed with grief.

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Oliver stared at the statue, suddenly going still, his brows furrowing faintly. He found himself lost in thought momentarily, closing his eyes and falling back into the graveyards of memories that lined his mind, a shovel at his side as he unraveled those times before. Tobias had helped him then, he could remember it clearly now, he could recall being not a god - but a boy given powers he hadn't been ready for, couldn't ever be ready for, an unwilling subject to a primordial's whims. A sacrificial idol to a cult that hadn't any idea what they were doing. But to become a god was to lose all semblance of self. A chill went down his back.

"Indeed." he nodded curtly, "Your voices, I can construct something to calm them" he offered.

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Ash | 44 comments [ I was thinking that something should happen to have her try to splinter maybe? ]

He’s quiet 
Why doesn’t he speak?
Make him talk!

I could feel my head slowly get more and more pained as more time had passed. The voices brought more than just physical pain. It was worst when I was alone, but usually it wasn’t hard to block them out. But sometimes, on the bad days, they were so loud it almost felt like I couldn’t breath. I had to be especially careful at those times. When I lost myself, it was easy to lose my powers. I had caught glimpse once or twice them, but mainly I had to be careful of my stone’s touch. I was suddenly pulled from my thoughts when Oliver spoke. My face softened at his offer, and a small smile painted my lips.

He’s lying
He wouldn’t do that for you
Don’t listen to him

“I think that would very much help, thank you.” I said, standing.

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<< how do you think she'd go about doing that? >>

Oliver watched her for a moment, nodding slowly. He was wary around them, the students in Void House. Part of him was even perhaps... a little frightened. Many of them could do the things that he could, they just didn't quite realize it yet. Angus was probably the most gifted yet. But Kylias was up there. "... Come with me" he said calmly, turning and walking off towards one of the rooms that branched off the lobby.

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Ash | 44 comments [ Hm, I was thinking maybe something might trigger it possibly? Not entirely sure. If we can’t figure it to work here that’s totally fine ]

I said nothing in response and simply followed him out of the lobby. There were many rooms on the main floor of the Void dormitories. Other lounges, a small kitchen area, a small room for mail, and a bathroom. It was probably a little confusing for those who didn’t live here, but we all knew our way around.
You don’t need him
The voices lashed out. Hopefully they would be quite soon, with Oliver’s help.

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The Void House in itself wasn't dirty, but there were ancient relics scattered along carelessly, books stacked along walls, altars and charms just haphazardly strewn about without too much consideration for their value. Often times, those within the house would find what they needed when they needed it the most. He took her into a small room just a few doors down the left corridor. It was the alchemy room, walls lined with alchemical ingredients, vials and beakers, all sorts of equipment. Oliver was prepared this time though, it was the third time having to do something like this, and while it was draining it was better than doing nothing at all.

He dug into the pocket of his suit jacket, pulling out a small charm made of bone and setting it down on the wood and wire altar - adorned with wildflowers and lavender candles, "Give me your hand" he said, standing beside it and holding his own out for hers.

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Ash | 44 comments While we all knew our way around, we all were, of course, used to the...assortment, of things strewn around the rooms. I always enjoyed sensing all the objects around me. They had all different airs about them, each one was a specific, yet different shape and shifting color. We all knew who mainly used which artifact, and knew which ones we were supposed to leave alone at all costs. They weren’t exactly dangerous, per se, but it wasn’t certain what the exact reaction would be. And that did leave some risk. And we all knew better. I followed Oliver down the corridor, soon turning into the room behind. I could tell the room was slightly more dimly lit, but I could still sense most of my surroundings. I could easily smell the lovely candles, and the wildflowers adorned throughout the room. I always liked the soft scent of candles, it was very calming.

My attention was turned to Oliver as he held out his hand. I did as he asked, and brought up my hand to his, resting the back of my hand on his palm.
  You don’t need to do this!
He’s going to betray you!
You need to run!

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When he drew her forward, he set her hand on the altar over the bone he'd set there. It was etched with careful markings, intricate and archaic, and from the marrow of the bone an energy resonated, leaving the charms practically humming. "Tell me, what do you fear?" he asked quietly.

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<< they look like this >>

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Ash | 44 comments [ I love the dishonored series :D ]

Not only could I sense the energy of the rune, I could actually feel. I was quite warm, but it didn’t feel like it would burn. It was actually quite calming. Oliver’s question was a bit loaded, but I knew the answer he would need to hear for this.
  You fear him 
You should run
I took in a breath.
“I fear the void, and my ability to connect with it. The voices that speak to me.” I answered.

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<< YOOOO yes, their interpretation of the void is what heavily inspired void house and oliver's character
though ive had oliver's character in the making for six years, and only when i got into d2 did i use robin lord taylor's version of the outsider as his fc
ugh chthonic deities are what i live for >>

Oliver stared at her closely, studying her expressions and narrowing his eyes. He nodded slowly, "I understand" he spoke in barely above a whisper. Don't we all? he thought privately, closing his eyes and pushing his energy into her, down into the bone, a soft chiming surfacing from the rough material - like a small cacophony of whales and stringed instruments, though only the echoes from a choir hall, as though listened to from several rooms away. "Carry it with you at all times. It will stifle your connection to the void, and though that might affect your powers, it will quiet the voices" he explained, releasing his grip over her.

He was exhausted.

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Ash | 44 comments [ Yeah!! I love they’re whole aesthetic for the games it’s so awesome and interesting!! Also I love Ky and Sora together as roommates!! :D also how do I do images? I can’t get it to work ]

To most, his words would’ve been rather hard to hear. But I heard them almost clearly, given how strong my hearing had been. I didn’t speak in response to him words, and simply let him do what he needed to. Suddenly I felt warmth coarse through my arms from the rune. I could sense Oliver’s energy in the warmth as well. It was calm, and relaxing. It felt nice. I heard the sounds of whales and strings far off in the distance. Oliver and runes power must’ve caused it. I listened as he spoke, and nodded at his words. Though the moment he let go of me, I felt something faintly. But something sudden. Almost instantly I felt a rush of power course to my head. My head felt like it was splitting and the whales choir I head a moment before sounded like it was suddenly scream. I lost my balance and stumbled forwards, my body feeling pained and different as I got flashes of something. A place of broken things.

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<< <.img src="" width="40" height="100" alt="description"/> - take out the period at the beginning of it but fill out the first link with a link to the image itself and use the width and height to adjust how large you want the image to be. You can find this chain of code under the (some html is ok) which is located on the top right of your comment if you're on the desktop version, and yeah dishonored is an amazing franchise >>

He didn't move to touch her, standing back and letting her adjust. He'd long ago adjusted to those sounds, overwhelming as they were. One could get used to something they were constantly exposed to. It was only the nature of man. "Don't lose it." he warned.

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Ash | 44 comments [ I think I got it to work but the image isn’t losing for me?? It’s Ky’s side of the room for their dorm ]

The pain was almost unbearable, my eyes squeezed shut and I grit my teeth as I let out a groan at the horrible pulses. Oliver’s voice echoed through the scene I before me. I couldn’t tell if he meant my sanity or what I saw. I tried to not lose both. Another flash came, it was different this time. People were there this time. I didn’t recognize them. They were all frozen in place, like realistic statues stuck in one point in time. I breathed in pain, my grip on the altar tightening as I desperately tried to keep my balance.
“Get...get” I struggled to get the words out through my breaths. A small portion of stone could been seen slowly creeping out from my fingers. More flashes came, and they were gone as quickly as they came. Suddenly I was forced back into the world, the pain heightening even more before slowly numbing. I could barely breath as I looked around helplessly. My sensing was disrupted, and I struggled to regain my surroundings.
“Wh...what happened?” I questioned weakly.

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"You've seen. You're a seer, Kylias. It's what you do. Your blessing, and your unfortunate curse" he explained calmly, glancing down at the etched bone in her hands. "Your tether to the void should be dulled now. It was more of an explosive experience for some of the other members, but the void curls around your being and sinks into the cracks, it acts differently towards each and every individual. Sometimes filled with a fiery malice, other times a divine bliss" he explained idly, toying with his rings behind his back.

<< it's probably the link then >>

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Ash | 44 comments [ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ]

I listened to his words, and nodded slowly. I breathed carefully, eventually getting a hold of my breath again. I took another moment before standing normally again. My body felt weak and pained, but at the same time, calmed. It odd sensation. My sensing gaze shifted from the bone in my hand up to Oliver.
“I saw you...” I spoke, pausing for a moment.
“You were dead. the same time you weren’t.” I explained.

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Oliver went silent at that, staring down at Kylias and furrowing his brows just slightly. Kris had seen too. Only in far more detail than Oliver would have liked. From his perspective, the moment it'd happened, with the men that surrounded him. He took a moment to clear his thoughts, nodding slowly, "Death and life do not exist within the Void. Those are concepts of human perception, a unique characteristic of the overworld" he explained.

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Ash | 44 comments [ I was thinking her flashes are like the ending credits of DH1 where they’re like pictures of scenes? Like what happens after depending on your actions. If that makes sense. And since she sees multiple timelines of certain instances, she saw him not die as well (but she doesn’t quite know that yet) ]

Hearing you were soon to be dead probably didn’t sound very good. Especially to someone who thought everything was completely set in stone. While I didn’t totally believe that, there were definitely some things that could not be changed.
“I saw other things, but...I don’t know what they were. It was hard to grasp everything.” I said, holding the rune with both hands, feeling it’s etches and grooves.

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<< yeah oliver has similar flashes - only he sees them all at once and its very overwhelming. and there isnt a timeline where he didnt die, he's a constant, those are variables >>

He listened to her closely, tilting his head at her words but nodding slowly, "Things that could have happened - things that did happen. Events yet to unfold. The Void is everything and nothing at once." he explained vaguely. Honestly he just wanted to take the subject as far away from him as possible.

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Ash | 44 comments [ Ahh Sorry for such a while for me to reply! I’ve been really busy and stressed this past week, hopefully in a few days things’ll calm down a bit! Ah I see. So is his constant that he does at a specific point? And the variables is just what kills him/causes his death what varies? Also I wanted to ask did you wanna RP Ky with Sathoran at all? ]

“It shows all...” I added quietly, my gaze shifting from the floor back up to Oliver. My snakes slithered down towards the rune, curious of what I held. I didn’t want them to get any closer to it however.
“I’ll let you know if I see anything else.” I spoke, hoping that wouldn’t be anytime soon. Not today, at the very least.

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<< don't worry about it man, im letting the group take a bit of a breather from plot stuff! as well as myself, ive been really stressed about my book and whatnot
and the constants are what are cemented to happen in every possible universe - the variables are the different variations of specific actions taken around those constants
like if youve ever played bioshock infinite, the lighthouse, man and city, oliver's death is always a constant because he isnt oliver - he's aion, the primordial of time, and thus he is inherently constant - it's complicated and contrived i know lmao
and sure, i can slap sathoran down in her dorm here in a moment >>

Oliver watched her, his gaze measured and careful, "... Be cautious, Kylias. The odds aren't always in your favor" he explained quietly, as if someone were listening to them.

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Ash | 44 comments [ Do you mind if I ask what your boon is? And I actually really like all that stuff with bio shock I think it’s really interesting! ]

I had begun to walk out before Oliver spoke. Though I stopped at the door, glancing back at him as his voice entered the brief silence. I expected the voices to comment on his words, but they remained silent. I kept the rune close.
“I don’t think they will be for some time.” I answered, before leaving the room behind me.

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<< my boon? >>

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Ash | 44 comments [ Whoops meant your book lol ]

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<< it's a collection of horror stories set in the same universe though i dont have everything about it written down just yet >>

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Ash | 44 comments [ That sounds really interesting!! I hope everything goes well ]

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