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message 1: by Sutton (new)

Sutton Shields (suttonshields) | 2 comments Hello,

I hope I'm doing this correctly--this brain of mine isn't technologically inclined. At all.

I've been absent for over a year, thanks to the delights of multiple sinus-related procedures, and only just noticed I need Downdrift (#4) and Backrush (#5) added to The Merworld Water Wars series:


I also just released a new book that needs a series started:

Series Title: Watercolor Love
Book #1: Watercolor Hearts

Watercolor Hearts

Please forgive me again if I'm being a royal idiot. It wouldn't be the first time...and it couldn't possibly be the last.

Vert Best to You,

Sutton Shields

message 2: by Betsy (new)

Betsy | 576 comments Done.

message 3: by Sutton (new)

Sutton Shields (suttonshields) | 2 comments Betsy wrote: "Done."

Thank you so much! :)

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