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Inan is the best character

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Mariah Inan is, in my opinion, the best character. NO I don't like him because he beterays Zelie. NO I don't like him because he tries to get rid of magic. YES he drove me crazy with being wishy-washy. YES his decisions broke my heart.

What I'm trying to say is that Adeyemi wrote Inan so so well. He seemed to be the most realistic character. I know that if I were in his position, I would be torn between my 2 worlds, trying to please my family/father/what I've always believed to be true, and the pull towards what seems like could be a great new idea, and morally feels right. But then again, Inan feels like his kingdom will never truly be safe with the magi around. And while I don't agree with Inan's decisions, I feel like his confusion and despair are realistic to how many of us would be if we were in his situation. He is so FLAWED, which makes it all the more real.


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Koi I heavily agree, there's so much depth in Inan, especially his struggle to choose a side for the greater good of all. He has been taught "duty before self", diviners are maggots, worthless beings who cause trouble for all of Orisha, but what he experience is completely different; Zelie's suffering, her life before the Raid.

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