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message 1: by Gregory (new)

Gregory Diehl (gregorydiehl) | 5 comments I'm in the process of writing a book about how first-time authors can write an important nonfiction book about something they are highly knowledgeable or passionate about and mimic the standards of traditional publishing (including commercial success). I have much of the content outlined and written already, but I'd like to brainstorm some questions or topics that other self-published authors have that I might not have addressed.

So, what are your most pressing questions? What would you want to see in a book like this aimed at more serious authors than that typical "anyone can write a bestselling book in a month" crowd?

I would also be interested in picking up a few beta readers who want to look at early versions of the content and give critical feedback. I'll be happy to credit you in the final release and send you a free hard copy when it's ready.

It's divided into seven parts and expected to be about 120,000 words when done with editing.

Part I - Philosophy
-What it means to communicate meaningful ideas.
-How communication has evolved since prehistoric and preindustrial times and why books are still the best way to communicate meaningful ideas.
-The pros and cons of self-publishing vs. traditional publishing.
-Why uniqueness and impact matter more than anything else when choosing what to write about.
-Introspecting to determine what you care enough to write about and become known for.

Part II - Strategy
-Arriving at the style, value, and unique angle of your book.
-Comparing the purpose and structure of your book to its marketplace competition.
-Spotting holes in the market where reader demand has yet to be fulfilled by a quality book.
-Discovering the ideal reader and target audience for your message.
-Learning about’s search function, category breakdown, and bestseller ranking system.

Part III - Creation
-Cultivating the ideal writing environment and internal conditions to suit your creative nature.
-The function of different parts of a nonfiction book’s traditional structure.
-Crafting an outline that captures the essential parts of your message and will keep you on track until you finish your first draft.
-Writing to educate, entertain, and clarify misunderstandings while keeping your voice authentically yours.
-Working with ghostwriters, old content, dictation, and other nontraditional means to ease your writing burden.

Part IV - Refinement
-The functions of developmental editing, line editing, and copyediting
-Learning to love destroying what you have created for the sake of optimizing your message.
-Rearranging content so it appears in the ideal order for cohesion and retention.
-Working with beta readers and their feedback to rectify shortcomings and emphasize strengths before release.
-Reconsidering the focus and purpose of what you have written, including the addition of new types of information.

Part V - Presentation
-Avoiding the pitfalls that make your book look poor quality, cheap, or amateurish at first glance.
-Choosing a title, subtitle, description, and cover design that will optimize attraction for your target audience.
-Formatting the interior of your book for a professional appearance in paperback, hardcover, and eBook mediums.
-Narrating your audiobook or finding a professional to do it for you.
-Setting up and optimizing your book’s listing to convert visitors into buyers.

Part VI - Promotion
-Getting your book in front of your target audience through sharing guest content and submitting your book for critical review.
-Selecting the best search keywords to rank your book for.
-Putting your book in the ideal subcategories to keep it high in the ranking or become a bestseller.
-Preparing your book for foreign markets through translation and unconventional promotional techniques.
-Generating verified, positive book reviews from users before and after launch.
-Social media, email list, and pay-per-click book marketing tactics to keep your book in front of qualified buyers.
-Using your physical book as a business card or in-person promotion.

Part VII - Reward
-Reframing your self-conception and social narrative as an author authority on your subject.
-Appreciating the new levels of personal meaning that come with being a communicator of important ideas to massive audiences.
-How professional life changes with reliable passive income and the other opportunities a successful book makes possible.
-Repurposing your book’s content for videos, courses, and other mediums to expand your influence.
-Planning your next publication without letting your initial success or lack thereof become a creative trap.
-Dealing productively with results that aren’t as good as you’d hoped.

Gregory V. Diehl
P.S. my background is in various forms of education and branding.

message 2: by Paddy (new)

Paddy Flavin | 3 comments Sounds like a very valuable book and one that would havelped me greatly before I published.

message 3: by Gregory (new)

Gregory Diehl (gregorydiehl) | 5 comments Paddy wrote: "Sounds like a very valuable book and one that would havelped me greatly before I published."

Thank you :) That's the idea.
If you don't want to beta read the whole thing, I can just send you the parts that are most relevant to whatever challenges you might still have with publishing.

message 4: by Paddy (new)

Paddy Flavin | 3 comments Thank you Gregory, The Strategy and Promotion elements would be really helpful to me.
Sorry that I don’t have time over the next two months to Beta Read the whole thing, I would have gladly done so.

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