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- taught by marco (mr. demiss)

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On Mondays through Fridays, Marco would teach lessons from seven in the morning to three fifty. He would go home, meticulously follow an elaborately set schedule, and then go to bed. On Sundays and Saturdays, he taught the night classes at eight at night, though during the day he would grade tests and build around the curriculum. On the off occasion that he had to break the cyclic nature of his existence - it was intensely anxiety inducing.

Which is why growing a second tail only moments after his students flooded out of his classroom was so nerve wracking. Especially considering he couldn't put it away. Typically he had full control over the physical attributes of his obake form, but right now where he stood with both hands gripping the edge of the countertop, his tails and ears persistently remained where they sat. He was in a bit of predicament. He was ten minutes off schedule. And he was about to pass out from the stress. But his expression remained leveled.

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Headphones, while not exactly encouraged, were what made Ronan's job a little more than bearable. While not quite the type to dance through hallways as he pushed his trolley of cleaning supplies, his music gave him the went so far as to give an uncharacteristic smile at the students filtering out of the conjuration classroom. Sure, he was starting earlier than strictly allowed, but he had yet to be reprimanded for cleaning a classroom before schedule.

When the last of the kids, if he could call them that considering their nearness in age, had headed off without sparing Ronan a second glance or thanking him for holding the door open, he rolled his shoulders and manoeuvred his gear into the class with practised grace. Or, as much grace as a wobbly trolley stacked precariously with cleaning products could allow.

He wasn't so oblivious as to miss the professor still perched at the front of the class, but he wasn't bothered with taking particular note of him. He hadn't enjoyed his time at Addermire and he certainly found no reason to bother with cordiality after graduating. He just wanted to get his work done, something that a number of faculty members had trouble allowing for, their incessant rambling and invasive natures becoming overbearing quickly. Ronan was not a naturally polite person, but he put real effort into brushing off stressed students and demanding teachers alike, every last one of them eccentric in their own twisted ways that he didn't have time for.

So, rather than looking at or greeting the man still stuck in the room with him, Ronan got to work spraying down the ink-stained desks that had already been dirtied significantly since their last cleaning no more than twelve hours ago. Conjuration could get messy, he could forgive that, but that was no reason to draw so many Illuminati symbols and grossly disproportionate genitals on every other table surface. His passive expression dipped briefly into a frown; surely he hadn't been as bad as this.

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When Ronan entered the classroom Marco felt the entirety of himself tense up and stiffen. He knew Ronan, he'd taught Ronan a few years before he graduated, they definitely had a bit of unspoken history. He stared at the man with wide eyes and quickly grabbed the stacks of paper laid out in front of him, a perfectly distressed expression painted across his bold, arguably dorky features. He knew Ronan hadn't really noticed him much - but being in the same room with someone while dangerously teetering over the edge of a panic attack wasn't at all a good idea. Far from it.

So he began towards the door, stacks in arms, tails fluttering behind him. It had to be the tremor, and once this weird energy wave passed, everything would go back to normal. No more civil war, no more discourse, no more paranoia. God he hoped everything would go back to normal.

And just as he made it up the first step, he stumbled forward, near flat on his face, papers tumbling in front of him and spilling out through the rows of chairs. He sat there for a moment, reevaluating his existence and all that it entailed.

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It took a moment for Ronan to notice the fate that had befallen his old teacher, headphones still drumming away loud enough to conceal the dull thud of body meeting floor. What did manage to grab his attention was the last of the papers Marco had all but strewn around the room, a couple of them landing close enough to catch his eye. He tilted his head to get a closer look at the papers before recognising that they had to have an origin point, looking up and finally spotting the prone form of Marco.

Only years of suppressing his humour kept him from letting out an uncomfortable, automatic bark of laughter, instead frowning further as he tugged the headphones out of his ears with a sharp tug. He stood where he was, blinking slowly for a few seconds more before making his way over, in no rush. If a teacher got hurt it was either an easy fix or their death was inevitable, with little room for anything in between, so worrying would be ultimately pointless.

When he cleared the desks and reached Marco's position Ronan's movements were aborted in their entirety, frozen as he was with his eyes fixed on Marco's ass. Now, this wasn't a new development; he had spent plenty of his valuable education watching Marco's body shift nervously or excitedly throughout lessons, eyes fixed on mouth or legs or chest or ass with very little consideration for the teachings themselves. The tails? The tails he would've noticed.

There, though, twitching with seemingly a mind of their own, were two, two tails. Ears. There were ears on top of Marco's head, too. Fox ears, two tails. Ronan did the supernatural math, coming to the sound and resounding conclusion that Marco was a kitsune. All this time, one of his own professors had been a kitsune and he'd never noticed.

The stirring flux of emotions that were coiling in his stomach and thundering through his heart made his breath quicken, a light flush on his cheeks as he strode the last of the distance between them and knelt in front of Marco. He hesitated, hands hovering over Marco as though afraid to touch.

"You," he began, cutting off with an audible huff of air. He didn't know where to begin. Was this it? Was Marco his kitsune? He had to be, right? That would explain the desperate rush of adrenaline in his blood, the trembling in Ronan's body, all made up of conspiring tension and something brighter. "Are you...?"

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"Okay?" Marco let out the most genuine chuckle he could muster but it was probably on the opposite end of the spectrum - sheepish and awkward, he sat up, quickly dusting himself off and gazing up at Ronan with wide eyes. He looked disheveled, a single lock of hair settled against his forehead as he pressed himself against the wall, glancing down at the scattered mess of papers and heaving out a distressed sigh.

He would have to reorganize all of these. He couldn't help but think about how tedious that would be. And all of the papercuts. Ugh.

"I'm.. Yeah I'm okay, thank you, for your concern." his eyes flickered wildly over Ronan's expression and his tail fluffed up - not completely unlike a cat's might. Ronan had never really been the type to care much about things. He could remember him as a student, sitting up on the highest row and staring down at him, deadpanned. It'd been... mildly unnerving. But now there was something there. Something inexplicable, Marco wasn't sure how to react.

"I can clean this up- it's a mess I know, but please, don't let me disturb your work" he spoke quickly, already turning to play a grand old game of fifty two pick up.

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Work? Ronan was close to quivering out of his human form as it was, how could he bother with work? Was Marco unaware of the gravity between them, the spark lit up?

Ronan was distracted, then, dragged away from his incredulity by Marco's tail, fixating on appendage he had previously been oblivious to, and then back to the two ears on Marco's head, and finally landing on his face.

Desperation, foreign as it was to him, jolted through Ronan and before he could formulate a sensible course of action his hand had shot out to drag Marco back down. He shook his head, no, he wasn't going to get back to work. Or, he might, maybe, as soon as he had confirmed that this was indeed the person he was going to devote his everything to. He'd spent years without anything to hinge his life on and then it had quite unexpectedly near fallen into his lap; the legendary ward he was urged by destiny and genetics to protect.

He tugged again, fingers curling and digging resolutely into the skin of Marco's forearm, still staring. It wasn't as though he expected to find a sudden change in facial features, but rather that he looked different now. Previously unremarkable, although plenty adorable, features were suddenly so very different. Brown eyes as they had always been but ten times as captivating. A couple of moles that Ronan wanted to trace, wanted to know if the planes of his body held more. Hair that was always so well done currently mussed and leaving Ronan with the inane desire to run his hands through and dishevel further.

Where attraction had thrummed before, basic and tempting but never culminating in anything more than errant half-fantasies, desire had replaced it, punching at Ronan's self-restraint. The stoicism he was so used to and known for was falling to the tide of fixation.

"You're my kitsune?" There was no tact, although this was not unexpected of Ronan. He found words to be elusive on an average, uneventful day, and this was such a pivotal moment for him that drowning in diplomacy and trying to convey anything but the truthful bare essentials would've been pointless.

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Marco felt something odd at the core of him, a deep rumbling, like an earthquake that only he felt, or as if he'd been placed within a taut drum and suddenly someone had slammed their fists down onto the surface above him. Regardless, it had left him shaken.

He sat there a moment, struggling to piece together what had just happened, to make sense of how quickly it'd happened as well. The hand tightly grasping his arm certainly hurt but perhaps he was just so touch starved that it didn't warrant a protest. So he remained silent still, pupils flickering over the other wildly.

Kitsune was a word he was vaguely familiar with. But with two unsparked parents, and the general rarity of the elusive species itself - he'd never taken the time to learn about them. "No I'm... You're mistaken - I am an obake." he glanced down at the second tail that furled behind him in all of its silvery glory, furrowing his brows, "Surely.. you're... mistaken" he trailed on, beginning to question his own line of reasoning. He would have known, if that were the case, he was sure of it.

Wouldn't he have known?

Though he was distracted from his thoughts when he realized what Ronan had said, "My kitsune." What did that mean? In all of his time teaching the other, Marco realized he had never actually learned what Ronan was.

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Not at all discouraged by Marco's verbal denial, Ronan gave one last firm tug to bring him closer, other arm reaching up for his other shoulder and drawing him in. Marco had yet to pull away and that was enough of an endorsement for him to press forward, growing increasingly aware of just how right it felt to be near his Kitsune.

"I'm not," Ronan said, because he knew he wasn't mistaken. He wasn't, he couldn't be. "You're my Kitsune," he repeated. He was ready to demand and plead if he had to, eschewing his dispassionate persona in favour of ensuring that he had finally found his place in the world. He wanted to plead Marco to understand, wanted to lift him up and take him somewhere so they could talk, but he was afraid of losing the moment if he made any such endeavors.

There was no room for frustration, yet, but the excitement was shifting into nervous energy. He couldn't let Marco go, he couldn't allow that to happen. If Marco was right then it meant Ronan was still alone. It would mean he was still without purpose. He wouldn't be able to handle that, he wouldn't be able to go back to living like that, he had to be right, he had to, he had to be.

While Ronan was rarely in danger of accidentally slipping into Oni form, panic had become a hair-trigger since the odd tremors a few days ago. As someone who was not naturally predisposed towards expressing emotions, control hadn't been too elusive. Until that moment, with what felt for all the world like his life was hinged on Marco, who was trying albeit weakly to deny him. He could feel his body trying to change, but that might frighten his Kitsune, and he just could not allow for that. His gaze shifted from piercing to imploring, somewhat perplexed frown lifting into a fractionally more desperate expression.

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Marco wasn't exactly skilled when it came to detecting body language and putting two and two together. But he could very clearly see the desperation in Ronan's eyes, the intensity of his gaze made a sweat prick at Marco's forehead and he swallowed harshly, eyes still wide.

He had to be mistaken.

But he'd never heard of an obake suddenly growing a second tail.

"... You're hurting my arm" he spoke quietly, glancing at the hand that grasped onto him so tightly it would probably leave a mark. "What do you mean by that? When you say I'm your kitsune. What exactly are you talking about?" he asked, reaching up to fix his hair and letting his gaze flicker over the papers around him. He was losing time. He was losing control.

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The hand on Marco's arm jerked away as though it had been slapped, fingers twitching open and closed in the empty air off to the side. He was already messing up, damn it.

Ronan's expression evened out again, effectively hiding his frustration and confusion, but that didn't cover the light pink of a blush still colouring his cheeks. He couldn't afford to be discomforted.

"Sorry," he said, speaking in as low a tone as Marco, only a fraction above a whisper. He wanted so badly to touch again, but he understood that he had hurt him and so ignorant that he would force it. He knew what boundaries were, mostly. "I am Oni. I was born to protect you, a Kitsune. I've--" He swallowed, then opened his mouth and waited for the right words to fall out, to tell the tale and explain how it was a base form of destiny that had drawn them together. They words didn't come. "Why don't you know?"

He swayed for a moment, wanting to move closer but driven back by the idea that he had hurt Marco. Finally he broke his stare, following Marco's glance to the scattered papers. He shifted on his knees and shuffling away to start gathering up the papers that had been dropped, hoping that his decision to back off would be the right one, and that if he held the papers then Marco wouldn't leave him.

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Marco watched him and his nature got the better of him, "You don't have to do that" he spoke up, standing and beginning to gather the papers up as well, "It's definitely appreciated but... unnecessary" he was still struggling to grasp what the hell Ronan was talking about.

"I'm.. just an obake. That's all I've ever been, well that is, until today" he explained as he awkwardly shifted from foot to foot. He was beginning to wonder if maybe he was just having a really weird dream. Though the slight ache in his arm said otherwise.

"I don't need protection either- I'm sure I can handle myself decently enough. Unless the occasional papercut counts as an attack on my person - I'm not really the confrontational type" he chuckled sheepishly. But Ronan seemed so very passionate about this, and Marco had never seen him get so fired up about anything. Part of him took pride that he was the cause of that - that he could change someone's life for the better.

Though he feared that perhaps this wasn't exactly a change for the better.

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"Until today?" Ronan queried. He wondered what had changed, although he was glad that Marco was acknowledging the difference. He was no ordinary Obake.

He collected the last of the papers before getting to his feet, the messy pile gripped tightly in his hands, lightly creasing the work. He made no move to hand them over, tilting his head as he waited for an explanation.

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Marco stood there for several moments, staring at Ronan and expecting him to hand over the papers - that he was creasing - only looking more perplexed when he didn't. He felt a heat rise to his cheeks, unsure of what to say or do, "... Uh,"

He waited for a few moments more before realizing Ronan had asked a question, blinking and holding his papers to his chest, "Oh. Today's my birthday, I turn one hundred. Ten minutes ago, this showed up" he pointed to the second tail, it flicked behind him, moving in mirror unison with the other. "It disrupted my work, it's been a really... stressful day." he explained, looking more than a little exhausted.

Maybe he could just go to bed, wake up the next morning and everything would go back to normal. How he craved the monotony of his day to day life, the safety of a schedule and a careful array of sticky notes patterned across the corkboard above his desk at home.

Though he had to admit - it was odd that Ronan had shown up on this day. He didn't know if he believed in fate, but there were far too many coincidences to take into account.

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One hundred years old, that was a lot to take in. It did make sense though, for the Kitsune to have obtained his second tail on his hundredth birthday.

"You didn't know at all?" His voice was flat, but the quirk at the corners of his mouth gave away all the humour he had otherwise failed to convey. It was sort of funny, after all, despite it hardly being something to poke fun at; a teacher not knowing what exactly he was.

"Are you okay?" Ronan asked, noting the exhaustion evident on Marco's face and in his tone. What a stupid question, 'are you okay', of course he wasn't. He had just clearly stated that he wasn't. Ronan wanted to disappear, his cravings for a cigarette kicking in just for the sake of having something to do other than flounder in the wake of his own idiocy. "I mean, do you... you can leave. If you want." It was almost painful to suggest it, the clear offer to let Marco slip away making Ronan's shoulders slump.

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Marco shook his head at the first question, raising his eyebrows in confusion. His eyes darted down to the stack of papers in his arms, then back towards the door. He felt wrong leaving Ronan here after such a development. This was clearly important to the guy and he felt some kind of odd obligation to make him feel better. Even if he wasn't the kitsune Ronan was looking for, that didn't mean they couldn't be friends. Even if the idea of having friends was... unsettling.

"... I detect that this matters a lot to you, am I correct?" he asked, leaning forward and studying Ronan's expression, "Look, I might not be the person you're looking for but... We can be friends? Is that alright with you?" he asked, trying to come to some sort of middle ground.

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When Marco leaned in closer, as small as the movement was, Ronan mirrored it, bringing them closer together.

"You are, though," Ronan stated, leaving no room for argument. His lower lip jutted out slightly, the beginnings of a pout that was far from cute on his severe features. He looked angry above all else. His hands curled into fists, the paper further rumpling in his hands, distracted as he was by Marco. He could handle starting as friends, though, if that's what it took to be near him.

He'd had friends before, of course, several fellow delinquents enough easy company for him to avoid total isolation. He'd had partners, too, and that had been nice enough. He wasn't sure what do with a friend that wasn't there to drink with him or loiter at parks with. Video games, maybe, that's what friends did. He could do that.

"Friends," he conceded, nodding once. No matter what he was given, he would stay right there with him.

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Marco wasn't sure how to conclude this exchange but he was growing more and more concerned about the papers that were falling victim to Ronan's strong grasp, hands clasping at them and wrinkling the edges - large hands. Ronan had large, strong hands. He thought about that for a moment before shaking his head, "I have to grade those papers Ronan" he finally spoke up, though his voice was somewhat timid - frail even. He wasn't used to reprimanding people. He felt even more out of his element considering that he wasn't even a student anymore.

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Slow to understand what papers Marco was referring to, it took Ronan a moment to relinquish his unforgiving grasp on the innocent work in his hands. He quickly thrust them at Marco's chest, frowning further and skipping over any apology. He really had done a number on them but they weren't torn so he figured they were fine. He didn't pick up on the quiver in Marco's voice.

"You remembered my name," he said, puffing out his chest a little. He was glad for it. That small act was enough to sooth and swallow the negativity he'd been feeling, and he ducked his head to the side to hide the small smile he could feel smoothing his features without his consent.

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With widening eyes Marco quickly brought the papers all together in one stack, straightening them out as best he could while nodding sheepishly. "Of course I did" he spoke, tilting his head, "Why would I forget?" He asked, mostly to himself.

Well, the evening was already shot. He figured there was no more harm done in further wrecking his schedule - as nerve wracking as it was. So he smiled faintly, "... Would you like to come over for dinner?" he offered, reaching up to fix his hair once more.

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"Yes," came the immediate response, out before Marco had finished asking. Ronan had the last of his work to finish but with such an incentive waiting at the end he knew he'd be done in no time. Things had been going badly, but dinner meant he had a chance. More than a chance. Having dinner was a serious event, after all, and to Ronan it implied intimacy. The thought of it brought all the adrenaline flooding back and once again he found himself having to fight the urge to shift into his Oni form, something he had never previously experienced over positive emotions.

Smile gone but features still softened in the aftermath, Ronan slowly lifted a hand to help Marco fix his hair before thinking better of it, aware that pushing things might scare him away. He held his hand outstretched for a moment more before shifting the fingers into a thumbs up gesture instead, unsuccessfully masking what he'd been about to do. To avoid further temptation he dropped the hand and locked his fingers together behind his back instead.

He had to leave before he lost it completely, as unused to his lack of self-control as he was. The threat of shifting had not receded, only increasing as the nerves began to flit back. He wanted so badly to touch and explore and ask questions but he couldn't. It was almost painful, the uncomfortable situation sending the urge to shift jolting through him every few seconds.

"Fifteen minutes?" He tilted his head. He assumed Marco had finished worked, so he hoped that the wait wouldn't be too long for him. He couldn't afford to be fired, not when it was his primary source of income.

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The gesture was odd, Marco noted. But it wasn't completely out of the ordinary. Not that he had a clear grasp of what ordinary was. He hardly had a grasp of much of anything when it came to social expectations. And Ronan was considerably younger than him - maybe it was something the cool kids did these days.

He stepped back, "Oh- right. That's fine, yes. Don't rush yourself" he said, glancing down at his work and slowly seating himself, quickly beginning to grade the quizzes that he'd handed out during the school day. He was lucky that it'd only been a four question pop quiz, nothing too daunting. But that didn't make him feel much better about the state of the papers - crinkled and unorganized.

He tried his best to remain focused on the main task, but his thoughts kept drifting. Did he really want to have Ronan over for dinner? Ronan made him feel odd, flighty and occasionally sent a shiver down his back. Even when he'd been a student in Marco's class he'd given him butterflies. Not like.. romantic butterflies of course. No way.

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Giving up on any chance of focusing in the conjuration classroom, Ronan gathered his supplies and chucked them back on the trolley, leaving the room with one last unseen wave of farewell.

It took him a total of forty minutes to finish his work, much longer than he'd intended, and with a few classes left he had asked his coworker to cover. He'd owe them, but it would be worth it. He was, after all, running extremely late for his date. Dinner date. Not a romantic date. Was there such thing as a non-romantic dinner date?

Ronan was aware that his ancestors had found all different forms of relations with their Kitsune, and he really wouldn't mind something more intimate with Marco. Would that be too fast, though? They were spending the left of their lives together as far as he was concerned, would getting Marco off within the first day of really knowing him be too much? He would have to ask the man himself, he decided.

He strode back into the classroom, afraid that he would have missed Marco and that he would have left after being abandoned for so long.

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If Marco was anything at all, with an undoubted certainty, he was patient. To a point that was. Okay, he was patient tonight, all things considered. If it had been any other typical day, he probably would have been out of there the moment Ronan finally handed over the papers. But today certainly had not been very typical at all.

He stood at the countertop, sorting the papers through a small briefcase and zipping it just as he heard footsteps coming down the isle. His gaze darted up to meet Ronan's and he smiled nervously, "Hello" he waved, having finally managed to put his ears and tails away. It was still odd thinking about having more than one tail. But he supposed it was reality now.

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The worry that he had been abandoned fled Ronan at the sight of Marco, only to be replaced by the tension of being near someone that meant so much to him that he had spoken little more than a few words to. All that time spent in his class and Ronan had been such a sullen, troubling student. He didn't regret it as he had been unaware of the reality of their situation, but he found himself wishing they'd had more of a foundation to build up off of.

He responded to Marco's greeting with short nod, lingering uncertainly at the door, unsure what he exactly was supposed to do. He was pleased Marco had waited, of course, but the fizz of excitement he'd been feeling since their revealing encounter earlier was still bubbling away. He shuffled down the aisle of desks to stand by Marco, closer than was strictly necessary and peering over his shoulder to watch him pack up.

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Marco was still perplexed by everything that'd happened, tensing faintly when he noticed just how close Ronan was. Though that's not what made him tense - it was the fact that he didn't mind it, that he was actually kind of alright with being close to Ronan, it rubbed him the wrong way. So he cleared his throat, dipping around the corner gracefully- albeit suddenly, and zipping the suitcase up faster than he ever had before.

"Do you want to head out now? I think that's just about everything, I'd start making dinner around this time, my apartment isn't far" he spoke without really considering the gravity of the situation. He'd never been on a date. He didn't quite realize how suggestive a dinner night at his apartment might have sounded to someone else.

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When Marco slid away Ronan was only a step behind, although he didn't press in quite as close as he had been before. He was drawn to his warmth and presence, following instinctively rather than on a conscious decision. He was looming, hands shoved in jacket pockets and hood up, making for an intimidating figure.

"I'm ready," he said, voice steady and tone flat despite how tumultuous his emotions were. "We're walking?"

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