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Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 142 comments Tom rushed down the hallway, eager to reach the library to continue his magical animal research as he'd recently heard about Bahumats. Keeping to his mysterious attitude, he cut corners hurriedly, not really caring who or what was behind him. That was until, he turned around a corner, and nearly crashed into Oliver. He stopped abruptly, "Oh, hey Oliver. Uh, good to see you."

((Sorry to add Oliver unannounced >.<))

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<< nah it's all gucci >>

Oliver's eyes widened, two solid black hues flickering over the other. He didn't stumble, remaining stiff where he stood and giving a single nod, "You seem to be in quite the hurry" he noted, stepping back to give Tom just a bit of space. He was a bit less distant when it came to the Void house members. Most of them looked up to him for guidance, so he tried to be less... much.

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Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 142 comments Tom backed up almost as fast as Oliver did, adding even more space between the two. Still kind of shocked, Tom stared for a second or two, then shook his head, snapping back into reality. "Oh. Yeah. I was heading to the library for some research. Um, care to join me on the walk there? Or are you too busy?" Though Tom considered himself 'close' with Oliver, he never knew too much about him, so he asked that question with rather uncertainty.

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Oliver was silent for a few moments, studying the boy and nodding once, clasping his hands behind his back as he began a slow walk towards the library, which was quite a long ways away, it was a massive campus really. "Tell me Tom, have you been experiencing any... peculiar dreams?" he asked suddenly. He obviously wasn't one for small talk.

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Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 142 comments Tom was kind of happy that he actually agreed. He walked by his side, keeping with his oddly slow pace. Tom's head cocked up at Oliver after hearing the question that seemed to be out of the blue. "Uh. No. Why- should I be?" Tom paused for a moment, "Well, I do have this recurring dream- though, I don't think it means much." Assuming Oliver was curious about it, he continued, "I always see this dark figure... Too dark to recognize that always stalks the East Corridor. And that's it. It's like I'm watching it from outside the window."

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Oliver was quite for several moments, considering his answer and mulling over several possibilities. While he wasn't actively trying to prevent anything from happening, knowing that it was the general path in which fate would need to take - he also cared for the Void House students. He related to them, he'd grown a bond to them, in some ways he felt like a father. "Avoid east corridor. Your dreams are a way in which the void communicates with you. It may be a warning." he said calmly.

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Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 142 comments Tom looked at Oliver, quite confused. He looked at him with an expression that said 'I want to say something, but it just won't come out.' He continued with Oliver's pace, looking forward with an expression that seemed emotionless. There were so many things he wanted to ask, but he didn't want to overwhelm Oliver. "Why'd you ask? Has something been going on?"

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Oliver turned his gaze to Tom, studying him for a moment, "You'll know in due time." he said simply. The Void House felt it more than most, the tremor, the Defacto. They were great as just knowing things. It was hard to hide much from them on campus. Charlotte was probably the best example of that, Angus was an incredibly strong seer, dragon or not, his connection to the Void was one of the strongest.

Tom was more of a wildcard. It seemed to wax and wane with him. Oliver hadn't spent enough time examining him to make any solid conclusions, and he couldn't sense anything in particular.

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Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 142 comments Tom had never really knew how to connect to the Void, it would kind of just happen, which Oliver was sure to know. Which kind of made it surpising for Tom when he was deemed Head House member. Tom continued his blank stare forward that was hidden by his sunglasses that he was fond of wearing... Even though he was inside. "Something's wrong if it has concerned you even this much" He paused, looking a bit in Oliver's direction but not making eye contact. "Tell me bluntly; can we handle whatever's coming?"

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Oliver stared at Tom, stopping midstep. The hall was empty besides the two of them, their footsteps echoing off of the walls that surrounded them. "That hardly matters. You're asking the wrong questions." he said simply.

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Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 142 comments Tom kept walking forward for a moment, not noticing Oliver had stopped. He stopped abruptly as well. He turned his upper body toward Oliver, continuing to ask some more questions that knew would probably get him scolded. "Does this have to do with the civil war in Portermount?" He turned his entire body back to Oliver now. "Who else knows about this? Brigmore is out having the time of their life right now- getting drunk, smoking. I'm guessing you want it to be discreet."

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Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 142 comments ((tom, not oliver*))

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Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 142 comments .

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".... They sat that the bat of a butterfly's wings can cause a catastrophe two weeks later, the dominoes of time all line up, switch after switch, an entropic uniformity." his voice was lower, "What I want is irrelevant. The tides of fate may change their course, but in the end, water is water and no one can change that, we can only hope to discuss and understand it, as it is." he explained cryptically. "So I suggest, Tom, that you stay away from east corridor"

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Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 142 comments Tom took a step forward, tilting his head, and raising an eyebrow. He stopped, staring at Oliver. "You're scared... Aren't you?" He paused, "I know you're usually... really... uninformative, but something's off." He paused again, "Hell's gonna break loose, isn't it?"

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Oliver's eyes widened faintly, two oily oceans on a starless night, flickering over Tom's expression as his brows curved down. Usually he didn't care. Who was he to question the path that fate took? He was after all, ᏗᎥᎧᏁ itself. But the Void House members made him feel something he'd never felt before, paternal instinct drove him to protect them - even if he knew rationally there was no sense in trying at all.

"... It depends on your definition of hell." he said, quieter than usual.

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Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 142 comments Tom turned to the right, many thoughts running through his head. He kind of knew how the Void reacted to Oliver, as he'd heard it from other Void members once or twice. Though, he didn't know how far into the future he could see. "How many bad things have you seen playing out from this?" He said, staring out a window on to the night sky.
Tom knew Oliver most likely wouldn't have an answer to this, but he wanted to know anything he could.

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"These are subjective questions, Tom" Oliver replied, gazing at the house master as he stepped beside him, gazing up at the fixtures on the walls, paintings and sculptures. ".... Can you see anything?" he asked curiously.

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Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 142 comments Tom jerked his head towards his house master, stepping back a bit. "No, not really. It comes in random intervals- mainly when I'm dreaming. I only ever see the figure, nothing else-" He paused. "Actually, there's always something before. I usually see people...deep within Syracuse. It seems like an ordinary house. But, it takes me inside to see people around a fire- tons of people, far too much for the house to hold. Then it shoots to the east corridor with the figure." He stopped, placing his hands in the pockets of his dark coat. "There's no way it means anything."

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"If it didn't mean anything, you wouldn't be in the void house." Oliver said monotonously, tilting his head studying one particular sculpture with a little more intrigue than usual. "There will be a meeting held between house masters soon, I'd like you to be there." he suddenly requested, glancing back at him.

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Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 142 comments Tom tilted his head, nodding. "You got me there," he chuckled, actually showing emotion in their conversation. "Yeah Oliver, there's one problem with that; I'm not a house master." Tom said, raising both his eyebrows just over his sunglasses. Truly, Tom couldn't care less on what went on in those meetings, assuming they were just on bettering the school in some minor, ineffective way.

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"Doesn't matter." he said simply, "You'll go. It's important. Don't view it as a burden." he continued. He knew there would probably even be a few teachers there as well. Possibly Jason. A very faint smile graced his lips, Jason he thought, turning away.

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Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 142 comments "And if I don't?" Tom asked, making sure Oliver heard him before he headed off... assuming that's what he was doing. "Whey ya off to, Sa Oliva?" Tom said, taking on some sort of mock Australlian accent.

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Oliver blinked when he realized he'd been caught in a reverie, stopping and turning back to him, "You may choose not to. I might urge you to be there - but in the end, I'd never take that agency from you. Go or not, just know that I would greatly appreciate it, if you did go" he nodded.

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Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 142 comments He could tell Oliver was in a little bit of a hurry to go, and wanted to mess with him just a bit more, his delinquent side getting the better of him. "You still haven't given me a time or a place."

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"Oh." he replied, thinking for a moment. "In about an hour, follow your instincts, you'll know the room. You're more connected than you realize - you just lack the trust in yourself" he added. He glanced down the hall, wondering if perhaps an hour of time would be enough to go see Jason. He wondered if anyone besides Angus knew about Jason at all - he wondered if he should even tell them. Hm.

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Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 142 comments Oliver began walk up and beside him. "So, you want me to find a room- a room probably just as large as any other room on this campus with no guide. Just follow your instincts.?" Tom stopped, "Oh. Sorry. You got somewhere to be?"

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Oliver shook his head, "It's not adamant that I be there. He can wait. Yes I would like you to try, at least." he nodded in confirmation. He trusted that Tom could do it - he liked testing the abilities of the house members, he knew they were far more capable of things like this than the other students.

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Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 142 comments Tom let out a light smile. "He? Is this something business related- the meeting? Or, is it something personal?" He asked, nudging Oliver's elbow a bit.
As if a new wind caught over Tom, he snapped back into his emotionless self. "My apologies."

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There was a brief silence and he shifted a bit, the atmosphere around him changing, eyes averting. It was odd, but Oliver was clearly a little flustered. "It's... a meeting, not the meeting." he replied vaguely.

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Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 142 comments Tom glanced in Oliver's direction, simply just trying to get the guy he was probably closest to out of Void. "Meeting? Do you mean a date?"

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"Somewhat" he finally admitted, reaching up to fix his collar, "I was only going to visit, check on him" he explained, Probably more than that he thought privately, raising a brow, "Regardless - that's irrelevant" he quickly added.

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Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 142 comments Tom added, "I could probably start a drinking game with how much you say 'irrelevant.'" He paused for a moment, "I have a bad feeling about that house master meeting."

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"That's because most things are irrelevant, Tom" Oliver pointed out, tilting his head quizzically, "You do?" he continued, folding his arms over his chest curiously. He always urged that the house members follow their intuition more - that's what it was to be connected to the void, to have an absurdly strong intuition.

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I'm going to assume this is open??? Idk if this rp is still going on or not

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<< it's open yeah ! >>

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Ever since the tremor, things had been getting worse. Not just for Addermire, or the Void house, but for Kris in particular. For a short ammount of time, they had no migranes, needed to medication, or had to sleep away the pain only to wake up with a numb feeling, and he didn't faint in the middle of class for a whole four days. The entire thing was very exciting, but of course, all good things must come to and end. They just wished it didn't have to end so soon. Not even about in hour into the morning, and Kris had felt a sharp jolt of pain in his mind a few days back, and he went out like a light. Apparently someone had found them because they awoke in the dorm room, with a water bottle and notes from their missing classes.

While most freaked out when they saw Kris up and walking again, the people were more concerned for them than they were. With sunglasses to block the light in the halls from coming into his eyes, and his black hoodie pulled all the way up, Kris walked through the commons hoping to get a short cut to his next class.

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Oliver seemed to make it a habit of running directly into Void house members. Perhaps it was deliberate? As most things were. But he turned the corner and blinked a few times when Kris smacked into him.

"Apologies" he spoke, eyeing him over for a moment, "... Should you be up and about, Kris? You seem awfully... disheveled" he asked pointedly, gesturing to the glasses and the whole ensemble they put together. He was coming back from a staff meeting - more specifically a house master meeting. It'd been... tense. As most meetings were when concerning sensitive topics. It didn't help that some of the house staff were quite incompetent but he had no right to criticize them.

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Of course, he should have known better than to try and take short cuts. They should have just flown to class, though the last time they did that he had flown into someones back and ended up with a crippled wing. After ensing up in the nurses office pretty well, they decided they didn't want to be there for longer then needed.

"It's whatever. If the nurses don't know, then I'll be fine. This is simply some... gear that I use to take extra precautions." He muttered, patting Oliver on the shoulder as if he wasn't much taller than him. Though the moment he touched him, he drew his hand back and shoved it in his pocket trying to only stare behind Oliver, or the bridge of his nose. They had a feeling that he knew about what was going on, but ignored it. Kris personally tried to stay away from Void things, but Oliver seemed stranger than usual. Plus, touching him gave them a headache. Kris eyed Oliver wearily, but they didn't know if he could tell through the sunglasses.

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Oliver genuinely tensed when Kris touched him, eyes widening faintly. He quickly put his defenses back up, shielding away all of his memories and feelings - those were things he could never expose the house members to. Not only because they were incredibly revealing but because there were some things that they weren't ready to know yet. But in the brevity of the contact, something had slipped through - glimpses of a double bladed dagger, men in robes surrounding an altar of some sort and a squirming body strewn across the stone surface, bound with thick ropes. And then it'd ended.

"... I urge that you do reconsider. You'll hardly be missing anything, not with the state of the school as of late" he explained as if nothing had happened at all.

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Taking in deep breaths, Kris had just tried to calm himself down again before he had another seizure. Their hand was phsyically shaking in their pocket, and they merely covered it with the other one to try and get it to stop. Who was that? What had even happened? Where was it? How recent did that even happen? These questions stormed his head, and the only the that came out of their mouth was, "What the hell." Their head hurt again. Which meant they needed to get more medication from the nurses office, which meant, going to the nurses office. That was ultimately a no-go.

"What? No! I don't want to. I don't have to reconsider. The days I was out already decided for me." He was almost snarling at Oliver, at this point he might have had to repeat a year. If you could even do that at Addermire. It was still a school after all.

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For a moment's time, Oliver felt like he was there again, hymns and incantations filling his ears as the bounds tore at the skin of his wrists and the surface below chilled his back. They'd painted runes along his skin in the ink of ancient sea creatures and the blood of the tribe mothers. He furrowed his brows, struggling to bury those memories deep within the crypt they'd been so rudely excavated from. He spoke after several moments, "Your intuition is telling you otherwise - and what else do you have but your instincts?" he demanded, blinking at his own tone.

He stepped back, composing himself as best as he could, "... It's not... pleasant here. I can speak with the headmistress about your credits, she'll understand the situation, and if she doesn't then I'll make her. But for those like us, places like these are not healthy" he persisted.

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What is your name? Kris. Last name? Fitzgerald. How old are you? Twelve years old. Can you walk? Taking himself through the steps of trying to keep his heart rate a normal pace, he steped forward two steps, and backwards two steps before checking that off the list. His migranes had began to kick in, making his entire body want to curl up into a ball and fall asleep, but he needed to go to class. They had heard the things their classmates said to them. They could have cared less, but learning as much as they could was so unbelievably important to them. What if they forgot it all again tomorrow? What if they could not even spell their own name when they woke up in the morning?

"Why would you even care? As far as I am concerned, I am going to class. I am going to learn, and I am going to go to the Void dorm and sleep. It's that simple." Kris snapped, barking out the words that were covered in venom. "Like us? I don't think there even is an us. I don't know enough about myself to make an 'I' how the hell am I supposed to contribute to a 'we'?"

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Oliver wasn't emotionally equipped with the skills needed to relate to Kris. He could try, but while he had his own way with words, and while he could paint a picture with a single sentence, emotions were not an art. Subjective sure, coming in different shades and hues like the paints on a brush - maybe. But paint didn't usually change its color while in use. Emotions were volatile.

"... The tremor has you on edge, I understand. I can help you, but you need to be cooperative" he said, his voice lowered, expression softer. Angus was stubborn too. They were all close, the Void House, but there were some who were distant even around family. Some that needed more coaxing.

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This was getting out of hand, the guy just wanted to get to class, and frankly they didn't believe it would be this difficult. Plus, what type of house master stopped a student from going to class anyways? If the nurses didn't know and they had missed a week worth of class then he would go. He despised being stuck in a room, sometimes not even knowing where he was. Wheter their absences were excused or not, it wasn't the going to class, but the need to have some knowledge about anything besides understanding they aren't supposed to be here.

"I don't need anyones help, I can do this on my own, just leave me alone." For the first time during the whole conversation he had looked Oliver in the eyes, and sorely wished that he hadn't. As their pupils dialated, they saw a flash of moments where he was looking up at men in masks, he was unable to move, and strapped down while a thick ink-like substance coated their body in strange patterns. Voices rang through his head, they weren't their own, chanting, singing, they didn't know what was going on, but it felt as though millions of snts were cralwing all along their body. Kris' iris came back into view, and as he began to back away from Oliver, their body hit the floor.

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Oliver's eyes widened faintly, two hues of midnight, blinking several times over as he felt his memories being invaded. He stepped back, wearing a genuinely fearful expression as he twisted at the rings along his fingers, quickly averting his gaze. If he couldn't manage his own shields how the hell was he supposed to manage those of a bunch of highschool students? He stared down Kris, taking a deep breath to calm himself.

It wasn't real.

They weren't here.

He wasn't human.

He swallowed, a sweat pricking at his brow as he balled his hands into fists, forcing pleasant images into his own thoughts - Jason, his wings, his hands. His eyes. "Ground yourself" he whispered, regaining his composure before turning to the more immediate problem. "... Kris?"

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The stress was enough to make him pass out on it's own. He didn't understand why they had gotten so defensive so quickly, usually they kept to themselves and stayed out of people's way, but the feeling of having no identity was enough to make anyone go beserk. While slightly unconscious, his brain was still very much awake, and quite active, enough to make it feel as though he was dreaming. Dreams were never pleasant, but they never remembered them in the morning, so it was not as though it mattered. Yet, Kris felt the sneaking suspcion that they would remember this as if it were their own name.

Harshly opening his eyes, he gasped for air, as if underwater, opening his mouth to take in air, yet surprised everytime only water seemed to flow in to fill the space missing in their lungs. He didn't understand what had happened but he knew what had caused it. Oliver. His throat cotinued to tighten, almost like someone was choking him. He couldn't breathe, speak, yet he was alive, falling inbetween the realm of slumber and the realm of the aware.

this was kinda bad sorry!

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<< no no you're all good! >>

Oliver slowly came down to a crouch beside him, setting a hand on his shoulder and closing his eyes, the shadows around them beginning to bend as he took away the images flashing through Kris' mind. It was arduous and painful, and it left him exhausted but it wasn't the first time he'd had to soothe one of their minds forcefully. He'd still remember everything that'd happen, but at the least, Oliver could take away the emotions, what he'd felt in those final moments of his life, before the blade cut his throat and left him bleeding out.

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