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message 1: by Scott (new)

Scott Ivlow (scottinwinterhaven) | 37 comments Dear Group members I was wondering if is it time for the moderators to update, and get rid of a stupid nomination rule since none of the moderators do not enforce the rule anyway. The President is Missing is a clearly a rule violation when this book was nominated. I tried telling this to Gem but clearly I have been ignored from her for answering my questions I'm asking for clarity and fairness to all the nomination rules.
So should the nomination rule that says only books published after 6 month and be in paperback format strickly enforced or should the mods get rid of this rule since they didn't enforce to begin with. This book should have been rejected for the monthly read. This book is in hardcover only in the US and UK and less than 6 months from the published date. So it clearly violates the rules twice. In India is paperback and AU. My concern is what happens when the next group memeber nominates a new book in hardcover or any book not available in the UK or Austrlia? Are the mods all the sudden going to reject the the next new book or continue breakng their own nomination rules? Should USA members of the group have to care one way or another if a paperback book is not available overseas when they make a nomination? Do you use libary books and if so do have to wait to get a copy of a newly released book? I mentioned this to Gem to but she doesn't seem to care if readers of the group use library books to participate in group reads. She didn't respond on it so I take it as a no.

message 2: by Jamie, Moderator (new)

Jamie Zaccaria | 154 comments Mod
I like the rule because it means we can all read together. Although, I'm sure the Mods just slipped up and didn't disregard on purpose!

message 3: by Gem , Moderator & Admin (last edited Jul 26, 2018 02:44PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Gem  | 1270 comments Mod
Scott, I addressed your concerns via pm, I did not ignore you. No one in this group has sent me a message that has been ignored. I have replied to every single message that has been sent to me since I became a moderator in this group. To insinuate otherwise is insulting and frankly makes me want to spit.

The President is Missing IS AVAILABLE in paperback in the US. Here is a link to Amazon that shows when the book became available in paperback in the US. The date was June 4th, this book is being read for our one of our August Book Discussions almost a month after the paperback release.

I also told you that arbitrarily drawing a six-month line in the sand is not an acceptable way to deal with this issue. Some books are available immediately in paperback, as is the case here, while another book nominated several months ago won't be released in paperback until nine months later. As far as I am concerned we will continue to use the paperback rule.

This is an international group which is why we check to be sure the books are available in paperback in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. If there is a large contingent of members from another country that is having an issue getting the books in paperback I am not aware of it. Thinking US members shouldn't need to care if the book is readily available is extremely egocentric and I couldn't disagree with that stance more.

Additional I told you I had a digital copy of this book that I would be happy to share with you but apparently, you'd rather argue and attack me personally.

message 4: by Gem , Moderator & Admin (new) - rated it 4 stars

Gem  | 1270 comments Mod
As far as folks using library books to participate in group reads, that is not something the moderators in the group are prepared to try to ensure. We have no way of knowing when a given library will have the book in stock, nor do we have any way of knowing how long their waiting list is.

RJ - Slayer of Trolls (hawk5391yahoocom) Scott, even if Gem hadn't responded to your concerns I think it's pretty weak for you to try to attack her here in the discussion forums. Gem has always been fair with everyone and I happen to like the way she moderates this group. If you don't like the rules here there are a lot of other groups you can join. In other words, don't let the door hit you in the butt on your way out.

message 6: by Christophe (new)

Christophe Van | 2 comments Just three points:
1. Even though I live in the US, I very much like the idea that a book chosen or proposed for a group read must be available as paperback or ebook in the US, UK, Canada and Australia rather than just the US, just the U.K., just Canada or just Australia.
2. I do not know what the elegibility rules are for group reads, but I agree that moderators and everyone else should follow them as much as possible.
3. I too found the tone of Scott's message quite grating and in poor taste. Especially so since, from what I have seen, Gem is extremely dedicated to the vibrancy of the forum and is very well organized.

message 7: by Jenny (last edited Jul 29, 2018 05:24AM) (new)

Jenny (diggensjenny) This message is in poor taste. The role of a moderator/administrator is a very time-consuming role in any group on Goodreads. To be a moderator/administrator you have to be online every day to ensure that the group is running smoothly. Without Gem, this group would have died after the previous moderator's lives got to busy to continue to run the group.

In Australia and UK, paperbacks can be published earlier than the United States of America. The six months rule was included in the guidelines to help members that do not live in the United States of America to nominated books that would be published in The States as paperbacks. Goodreads group cannot guarantee that a Library will have every book that groups choose. All that moderators can do is to ensure that all BOTM have a cheap purchase option.

All moderators of this group are new and still learning so please be patient. We are trying to ensure that you all can participate in the wonderful world of reading and the enjoyment of discussing books with others.

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