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message 1: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (p34cht34) | 27 comments What book are you reading at the moment and how are you finding it? I just finished Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas and I loved it!! Have just started The Song Rising by Samantha Shannon.

message 2: by William (new)

William Holden (bookenthusiast3) | 13 comments Currently reading a dance with dragons by George r.r. Martin and trawn by Timothy zahn loving both books

message 3: by Danielle (new)

Danielle (thoughtsofdanielle) | 3 comments Just finished bands of mourning by Brandon Sanderson. Physically painful to have to wait until 2020 for the next release 💔💔

message 4: by Una (new)

Una G. (bookliving) | 3 comments I need help please: if anyone has read Call Me By Your Name could you please recommend a book similar to it because its impossible for me to start another book that is not as beautifully written in such an old romantic setting. ❤️❤️

message 5: by Oscar (new)

Oscar Maquito (oscar02) | 3 comments Currently Reading Caravan

message 6: by MacKayla (new)

MacKayla Carmichael | 50 comments Currently reading Zenith by Sasha Alsberg and Lindsay Cummings and I’m loving it so far!!

message 7: by Millie (new)

Millie  | 13 comments I’m currently reading opposition by Jennifer l armentrout! It’s amazing

message 8: by Atlanta (new)

Atlanta (lantadonn) | 5 comments Currently reading Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia. I expectd it to be cheesy but it's great

message 9: by Oscar (new)

Oscar Maquito (oscar02) | 3 comments Death Takes a Gamble

message 10: by Orlando (new)

Orlando | 42 comments The Handmaid's Tale

message 11: by Yursa (new)

Yursa Tahir (yessireadss) | 1 comments a court if mist and fury

message 12: by Caoimhe (new)

Caoimhe | 32 comments unravel me. I can't believe I have not read this series.

message 13: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (p34cht34) | 27 comments Took me a couple days to get re aquainted with the world but now that I've familiarised myself with it I am looooving The Song Rising by Samantha Shannon!

message 14: by Curtis (new)

Curtis Davenport | 62 comments The Darkest Legacy by Alexandra Bracken!!!

message 15: by Amy (new)

Amy Mendez | 54 comments The wrath and the dawn

message 17: by Marisa (new)

Marisa | 3 comments A Reaper at the Gates by Sabaa Tahir!

message 18: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (p34cht34) | 27 comments Just finished The song rising.. I didn't want it to end! I am now reading Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Maas

message 19: by Hailey (new)

Hailey (haileyoliveira) Currently reading To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

message 20: by Brittney (new)

Brittney Kol | 8 comments Keeper by Kim Chance

message 21: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Chan | 4 comments Call Me By Your Name. It’s soo good and I just watched the movie too😩❤️

message 22: by Eline (new)

Eline (xelinevn) I am rereading the Selection series by Kiera Casa ❤

message 23: by Eline (new)

Eline (xelinevn) *Cass

message 24: by BookAngels (new)

BookAngels (book_angels) | 2 comments Anybody know the book of the month?

message 25: by Oscar (new)

Oscar Maquito (oscar02) | 3 comments Trinity by Leon Uris

message 26: by Chu (new)

Chu Aragasi (chu-babyfayce) | 1 comments Inquisition by Taran Mantharu. I just like how he ends his chapters with baby cliffhangers that keeps you from laying down the book.

message 27: by Jalayne (last edited Aug 04, 2018 11:30PM) (new)

Jalayne I'm currently listening to an audio book of The Good Girl by Mary Kubica. I'm a bit peeved that some spoilers have been revealed not even an hour into the book. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet, partly because I need to listen to it instead of reading a convenient physical copy.
I'm also going to be starting an audio book of Stealing Shadows by Kay Hooper this month for a Goodreads group.
Afterwards I'm going to hopefully finally listen to or read the Shining by Stephen King.

message 28: by Kourtney (new)

Kourtney | 146 comments A Shadow Bright and Burning by Jessica Cluess. Loving it!!!!

message 29: by Shannon (new)

Shannon (musingsofacat) Thankfully I'm steadily working my way through my (overly large) TBR for the month. I just finished The Intern by John S. Daniels which was surprisingly quite good and I'm working on The Girls in the Picture by Melanie Benjamin for my local library's book club which I'm enjoying so far but I'm only a couple chapters in.

message 30: by Ally (new)

Ally (AllyEmReads) (allyemreads) I’m slowly but surely working on my TBR for this month.

My two most current reads are Carry On by Rainbow Rowell and The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater. Thankfully I’ve got both on audiobook (scribd is phenomenal in case any of you are looking for a good audiobook app) but I’m reading CO physically because I totally splurged on my last B&N trip.

I’m also working on Rick Riordan’s newest release, The Burning Maze, but I’m avoiding finishing it because I was spoiled for something that happens at the end and I don’t want to deal with it so I’m kind of ignoring it for now lol.

The rest of my August TBR fluctuates but for sure on the list are The Night Circus (Erin Morgenstern), Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda (Becky Albertalli), the rest of the Raven Cycle series, and then I guess whatever tickles my fancy. Any recommendations? Happy reading!

message 31: by Mac (new)

Mac (excessiveannotations) I am reading The Art Of Being Normal by Lisa Williamson right now and I really like it so far! After this I will probably start A List Of Cages.

message 32: by Allison (new)

message 33: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (p34cht34) | 27 comments I just finished crown of midnight by Sarah J Maas and really enjoyed it, now I've started the graphic Novel Scott Pilgrim's precious little life by Bryan Lee O'malley

message 34: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (p34cht34) | 27 comments I just finished the first two Scott Pilgrim books and Am now starting The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

message 35: by Danielle (new)

Danielle | 5 comments Daughter of the Pirate King. Almost done!

message 36: by Danielle (new)

Danielle (thoughtsofdanielle) | 3 comments Re-reading daughter of smoke and bone so I can continue the series and listening to The gentlemen’s guide to vice and virtue audiobook ☺️

message 37: by Kristy (new)

Kristy (kristyi) | 43 comments The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson! Soooo good!

message 38: by Lee (new)

Lee (theonetogomad) | 2 comments I just finished HEARTLESS by Marissa Meyer. This book played on my heart like a bass strings and i don't know if I could just get over the ending any time soon for it is a heartless, heartless book.

message 39: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (p34cht34) | 27 comments Since reading The Night Circus I have read The hunger games and am now reading Jade City by Fonda Lee

message 40: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (p34cht34) | 27 comments I also read assassination classroom

message 41: by katelyn (new)

katelyn ellen (katelynellenn) | 21 comments Just finished Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare (I’m very sad) and now I’m onto the Harry Potter series for the first time!

message 42: by Millie (new)

Millie  | 13 comments I’m reading Lola and the boy next door

message 43: by John (new)

John I am reading reading Throne of Glass and Heretics Anonymous but I need to read my e-arc of Ellie Kemper’s (Kimmy Schmidt) book

message 44: by Call Me Shivi (new)

Call Me Shivi | 1 comments I’m reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince(for the first time!) as well as Mythos by Stephen Fry

message 45: by Amy (new)

Amy Leonard (amyleonard) | 11 comments What She Knew by Gilly MacMillan
Rumble by Ellen Hopkins
Just one day by Gayle Foreman
On the banks of Plum creek by Laura Ingalls Wilder with my 8 year old

message 46: by Mahala 🦋 (new)

Mahala 🦋 Blair (mahalathebookworm) | 25 comments Currently reading Children of Blood and Bone and loving it!!!!!

message 47: by SharlzG (new)

SharlzG | 1 comments I have 2 books that I started last year and got to a "I need to take a break from you" stage, that I've just come back to again:
Thunderhead, and Children of Blood and Bone.

Then when I finish those, I need to go back to The Glass Throne series because I also got annoyed with that, but am determined to finish it (it better get better!)

message 48: by Aleksandra (new)

Aleksandra Stancheva | 1 comments I'm currently reading Beartown by Fredrik Backman. So far so good - I love the style and I'm so invested into the story, too bad I'm reading only on my breaks at work :D

message 49: by Em (new)

Em | 63 comments I'm currently reading both The Last of August and To Kill A Mockingbird. TKAM is for school so I'm further ahead in that, but The Last of August is a great book, I just don't get as much time to read it.

message 50: by Julie (new)

Julie | 12 comments I'm currently reading Mockingjay and i love it <3

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