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I need some help and/or assistance with the ending. I may be a knuckle dragger but jeez. Do I need to research hexagons or i ching and the oracle? is there a book 2. it seem IMO the book started running away with Julianna but not really some of the other characters and built to the climatic (IMO anti-climatic) ending with the meeting of The "Man" and Juilanna...not that i'm really confused about the ending but extremely confused about what question to ask about the ending that we really didnt already know. i'd elaborate more or get into specifics but I dont know if I'm allowed to give spoilers in this "discussion". Please someone elaborate on the ending and honestly you wont hurt my feelings if you make it very elementary......I mean what is really revealed or resolved when Julianna leaves "The Man's" house? Thank you so much. -Chris

My interpretation of the ending is that it is not just that Abendsen has used the I Ching to write 'The Grasshopper Lies Heavy' but that that the I Ching itself has effectively written the book. For me the implication of this is that 'The Grasshopper Lies Heavy' is the truth and the world the characters of 'The Man In The High Castle' live in is fictional, with Juliana and Abendsen realising that their world is not real at the end.

Thanks Ian

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