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Privilege Much?

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Oya  Yemaya Ture I am still reading as of 7/25/18. However, based on the negative reviews of this book I do not understand why smaller sized readers are saying, "I can not relate" or "I can not understand" in their reviews. Of course they wouldn't be able to understand or relate, especially if they have never lived in the world with a bigger body. Laughable honestly.

Toni Did they read the part where she was raped, as a 12 year old girl, by several boys, one of which she thought actually liked her! And then proceeded to live her young life telling NO ONE, including her parents of this trauma she experienced and never really processed! She buried the pain, shame and shock by eating and hiding herself, and body behind the weight.
PTSD at a young age and not really resolved for a long time.

Lindsey I don't think it's about privilege, I think it's about learning. Roxane did have all of these horrible things happen to her, but I think even she mentions that she self-loathes. It's in fact a testament to her story that people didn't like it, because she got her point across that she's just human like anyone else - she doesn't expect everyone to like her. A true memoir will reveal the good, the bad and the ugly - however that affects you. I didn't love it, but I am glad it is written.

Eric Mueller She addresses her privilege, the idea of privilege, and even talks about how she feels like there is a privilege police" in some ways. The fact that she mentioned that and people still try use privilege as a way to dislike the book makes me think they didn't really read the book at all.

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