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message 1: by Kerry (new)

Kerry Dusablon (kaesmmtd720810) | 7 comments 1: black notice Patricia cornwall
2 &3 there's something about Christmas and mail order bride Debbie maccomber
4&5 all thought the night and the melody lingers on Mary Higgins Clark
6&7 Brooke and raven v.c. Andrews
8&9 bonnie and taking eve iris johansen
10 &11 the Bourne legacy and the Bourne ascendancy
12: shadow spell Nora Roberts
13: star fire dale brown
14: immortal beloved care tiernan
15: Halloween hijinks Kathi Daley
16: the expediter David hagberg
17: coming home roseamunde pilcher
18: wolf haven Lindsay McKenna
19: hearts of Atlantis Stephen king
20: private:Vegas James Patterson
21: now and then jacqueline Sheehan
22: back to the bedroom Janet evanovich

message 2: by Andrea, Moderator (new)

Andrea | 4111 comments Mod
Kerry, I'v never heard of back to the bedroom Janet evanovich. I will have to check that one out!

message 3: by Kerry (new)

Kerry Dusablon (kaesmmtd720810) | 7 comments 23 cat and mouse James Patterson
24 Kinsey and me She Grafton

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