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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. YA/ Fantasy/ reverse harem : girl that lives in a radical camp where they want all supernaturals to die, but her best friend (male) is half supernatural. Spoilers ahead. [s]

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Smiley-99 | 4 comments Hi guys I read this book maybe 3-6 years ago and it was published not too long ago at the time. And it's been driving me crazy, so I'm happy with any help I can get.

The story is about a young woman who lives in this military style camp, where they train all the people to kill supernaturals. There was one specific type of supernatural that was the main focus and I can't really remember but I think they were a cross between vampires and demons. Anyway, her father is camp leader and very strict, he always tells her her mother was killed by those supernaturals, but she herself doesn't believe that all supernaturals are bad, as her best friend is half supernatural and is a spy in this camp. He can mask his identity that would normally be very obvious due to red eyes with his human side. Now to be able to spend time together she sneaks off into the woods which is their meeting spot. On top of that there is this comic for the radicals that has this symbol of a duck that somehow holds the password for that month on their secured internet page, that gives accurate information about what is really happening in the outside world. The story progresses when on her birthday her best friend brings her to his home by teleportation and there she meets his bother and his "hive" another 4 boys. Which together they form a family unit which she is the 6th of. And for some reason this size is rare. This part is sort of fuzzy. But I remember clearly there being this rule that instructors in the camp have to beat up the new recruits for a set amount of minutes and they are not allowed to fight back, and the protagonist has always refused to beat helpless teenagers up which is why she still hasn't progressed further, and is still beat up on a regular basis in this system because of it. The worst of those instructors is this one guy I think her fathers second in command, who has the hots for her and her father wants to see them together but he's a real creep. The towards the end of the book she is " abducted " by him ( she goes under a pretense) and he locks her in this garage/ warehouse where, when she refuses to marry him, he summons a demon that would have killed her except she had this nelcklace given by another demon that saved her but it works in a way where she has to forget about anything supernatural so she forgets her mates and best friend. And I think on that note the book ends. But there is also a scene where all the supernaturals are in a bar and somehow there are two parts to the bar, the human and then the other realm part, where one of her mates says she should go if she ever has a problem.

Yeah that's about all I remember, I'm sorry that it's kind of all over the place, but most of my memories of the book are pretty vague except for these specific scenes, so I hope that it's enough. Thank you already for reading through all of that, I really appreciate it.

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Smiley-99 | 4 comments Yes, that's it thank you so much. You can't imagine how much it had been bothering me to not be able to remember.

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