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Read the translation and is it just me or does it really get dark and out there towards the end

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Anon Ok so this author allways fails on the 3rd book of every series he has written. They just lose context, have some really dark and psychotic undertones and don’t ever seem to be able to pull it’s self back into a exciting, intelligent and action packed theme.

Seriously, some of the undertones are a little to much, at the end there is undertones of rape, cheating and just out right cheating, appendage removal, mind control, theft, sex change, sexual mind fucks, torture, lies, etc..... just because gnat has a knack for playing games.and they don’t like it or are jealou, it just feels petty and cheap the end the author seems to loses track of gnat and the game changer happens and then you are just like wtf this is endless dribble makes no sense with strong psychopath undertones that lose the personality and identity of the main character .... which I hate because it impossible to tell what the author is trying to convey to the reader ... i’m Being controlled by to many f ups and I don’t know if i’ll Ever be the same again because this has been going on for 20 chapters already

Dumitru Toma Hm.. for me made perfect sense I dont see the roller coster you are going through. But I'm from East Europe and we kind of have similar mentality; noticed in few of the countries from Western Europe that I visited that many many things, that i see as normal for them are weird and viceversa.

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