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message 1: by Veronica (last edited Sep 21, 2018 12:35PM) (new)

Veronica  (readingonthefly) | 3340 comments A: Alaska
B: BC (Before Christ)
C: China
D: Documentary
E: England Lost Girls 9/7/18
F: Fiction (like a free spot) The Providence Rider 8/15/18
G: Germany
H: Historical Fiction The Nameless Day 8/3/18
I: India
J: Japan
K: Korea (Jenna Special)
L: Law (fiction or non)
M: Mystery Phantom Instinct 8/28/18
N: Nonfiction
O: Original (author's first work) Blood on the Tracks 7/26/18
P: Police (fiction or non) Evil Games 8/10/18
Q: Queen Pulse 8/31/18
R: Russia
S: Satire The Canterville Ghost 7/24/18
T: Thriller
U: U-Choose Hook, Line and Blinker 8/3/18
V: Victorian Era
W: Wild West
X: Xray (anything medical fiction or non)
Z: Zoology Instinct 9/21/18

message 2: by Virginie (new)

Virginie | 5795 comments Woohoo, another challenge :D
Good luck, Veronica!

message 3: by Veronica (new)

Veronica  (readingonthefly) | 3340 comments Thanks, Virginie. Since I'm almost done with Bingo I figured I needed something to take its place.

message 4: by Scott , Karsa Orlong (new)

Scott  Hitchcock (lostinthewarrenofchaos) | 8082 comments Mod
Enjoy. Feel free to modify some of the letters. Perhaps you've already read a ton of English literature for instance and would rather swap it out for something different, or not.

message 5: by Angela, I'm Silverfox lost (new)

Angela | 3517 comments Mod
Good luck Veronica.

message 6: by Veronica (new)

Veronica  (readingonthefly) | 3340 comments Angela wrote: "Good luck Veronica."

Thanks, Angela!

message 7: by Veronica (new)

Veronica  (readingonthefly) | 3340 comments M: Mystery - Phantom Instinct by Meg Gardiner

message 8: by Veronica (new)

Veronica  (readingonthefly) | 3340 comments Z: Zoology - Instinct (Chess Team Adventure, #2) by Jeremy Robinson

There's a character who is a cryptozoologist so I say that counts. :-)

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