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(About the whole TOG and ACOTAR-series): Quotes from the series that "inspire" braveness (tattoo idea)

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Sif So I'm thinking about getting a tattoo in the fall and the tattoo that I want is a reminder to myself to be more brave and not be scared of trying new things.

The TOG and ACOTAR-series is some of my absolutely favorite book in the world, so I was thinking that it might be cool to add a quote from one of the two series to the tattoo that "inspire" or bears the meaning of being brave/braveness.

Do you guys have any ideas for such quotes? It would be really helpfull! :)

Nikita "To whatever end" comes to mind

Sarah.H.L 'You could rattle the stars; if only you tried'

Abigail I love this idea! I am also planning on getting a ToG or ACOTAR quote tattoo, the one quote that I love from ToG is "I will not be afraid." You could also do the whole quote "I am Aelin Galathynius, and I will not be afraid." and replace Aelin's name with yours. I hoped this helped!
A. Barger

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message 6: by Hemisha (new) - added it

Hemisha Lal I've compiled a list of quotes from both TOG and ACOTAR and hope you find them useful in your tattoo. If you end up getting any of these let me know, id be pretty cool :)
'' We each survive in our own way'' - Throne of Glass
'' She was the heir of ash and fire and she would bow to no one'' -
'' You could rattle the stars, you could do anything, if only you dared.'' - Throne of Glass
''I will not be afraid'', Celeana Sardothein lifted her chin and walked into the salt mines of Endovier. - Throne of Glass, you could do the whole phrase or just ''I will not be afraid'' I feel like that is very iconic.
''We all bear scars, mine just happen to be more visible than most.'' - Throne of Glass
''If they wanted Adaralan's Assassin, they'd get her and wyrd help them when she arrived.'' - Throne of Glass
''From now on, until the darkest claims us'' - Heir of Fire
''I can survive well enough on my own - given the proper reading materials.'' - Throne of Glass
''She survived Endovier and yet she could still laugh'' - Throne of Glass
''To the people who look toward the stars and with'' - A Court of Mist and Fury
''Don't you waste one heartbeat being afraid of a coward who hunts women in the darkness'' - Tower of Dawn
“You do not fear. You do not falter. You do not yield.'' - A court of Wings and Ruin
“Do not get distracted. Do not linger. You are a warrior, and warriors know when to pick their fights.'' - A court of Wings and Ruin
''Remember that you are a wolf. And you cannot be caged.” - A court of Wings and Ruin
''You can only decide what breaks you'' - A Court of Wings and Ruin
''What we think to be our greatest weakness, can sometimes be our biggest strength'' - A Court of Wings and Ruin
''Yet this was not the end - this was not her end. she had survived loss and pain and torture ; she had survived slavery and hatred and despair; she would survive this, too. Because her's was not a story of darkness'' - Heir of Fire.

AcherontaMovebo i love “We need hope, or else we cannot endure” and “Don't feel bad for one moment about doing what brings you joy” from acotar

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