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message 1: by Richard (new)

Richard Roberts (richardhroberts) | 9 comments hi - I'd really appreciate help from a librarian to consolidate my 3 author identities into one ("Richard Roberts"), and keep the giveaway that's running and keep all the reviews and other user info associated with the different 'versions' of my novel TUNING IN.

Here's the details:

I have 3 identities on GR (Richard H. Roberts, Richard Roberts, and Richard Henry Roberts) and 3 'versions' of my book (TUNING IN: A NOVEL)

(1) Richard H. Roberts

as you can see on this one's Author Dashboard, the "number of works" = 0. But, strangely, this author is tied to a version of TUNING IN: A NOVEL that has two reviews and one person 'reading':

Richard H. Roberts has no followers and is associated with a bunch of books that I didn't write:

And, note that I've also just started a giveaway under this account:

(2) Richard Roberts

I can't seem to access the Author Dashboard of this identity.

This identity is tied to a version of TUNING IN: A NOVEL that has no reviews but a few people are 'currently reading' or 'added' it:

This identity associates me with a new set of other books I haven't written and quotes that aren't mine:

The strange thing is that when you click on my identity 'Richard Roberts' in the "Currently Reading", it takes you to my Richard H. Roberts page:

(3) Richard Henry Roberts

This author is tied to a third version of TUNING IN: A Novel that has no reviews and no one 'currently reading':


As you can imagine, this all makes my head hurt!

I'd really appreciate your help with is consolidating all three identities into one and all three books into one and delete the old identities and books (but not lose the reviews or people reading).

I'd like use "Richard Roberts" as my author name (since that's what's on the cover) and used on Amazon:

Thank you in advance for your help here :)


message 2: by Abcdarian (last edited Jul 23, 2018 04:09PM) (new)

Abcdarian | 23504 comments Moved the 3 editions to your claimed author profile: and combined.

I merged the Richard Henry Roberts profile as there was only one edition on it, no followers or quotes. The other profiles belong to other same-name authors. The reviews will follow the books, though it may take a little while. I hope that the changes so far will not mess up your giveaway (really should have sorted this all out first). If you wish to change your profile name to just Richard Roberts, you can request that staff do that for you but you should wait until the giveaway is over I believe.

A higher-up may provide more information on your giveaway here.

message 3: by Richard (new)

Richard Roberts (richardhroberts) | 9 comments thanks Abcdarian!

it looks like the giveaway is still working - and as you suggest, i'll wait until it's done to change my name (remove the middle initial H)


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