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Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail
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Kelly | 804 comments In this book Cheryl Strayed tells her story of hiking for months on The Pacific Crest Trail. Never having done this before, she starts off alone carrying a heavy pack and not as prepared as others she crosses paths with on her journey. Strayed is recently divorced and the death of her mother is heavy on her mind. She is honest about her feelings in her writing and tells of her childhood, her marriage and her hiking struggles. Strayed has made many mistakes both on this adventure and in life, and she needs to determine how best to keep going. I enjoyed Strayed’s recollections where somethings are happy, others are sad or scary, but all seem very real.

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Charlie  Ravioli (charlie_ravioli) | 423 comments I remember reading this book and also liking it. I also remember telling myself after reading it that I really needed to read a book by James Michener based on her mom's love of him (and unfortunately, I've started one but not finished it, but not because it wasn't good, but rather I just got sidetracked and haven't gone back to it). Anyway, if you liked the narrative and the notion of a travelogue along the trail, you may want to try A Walk in the Woods. It is based on a man and his friend's hike of the Appalachian Trail (the Pacific Crest Trail's East Coast equivalent) and has a little less drama, is funnier and has some history and environmental asides in it that don't clutter the overall road trip log too much.

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Great review. This book made me want to hike the Pacific Trail. But I have a little too much fear to ever do it alone so I still to the local mountains to hike. I loved this story so much and how this experience helped her heal in so many ways.

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Sara S. | 1 comments When I got to know about this book from , I immediately ordered it. Looking forward to reading it.

Charlotte | 1581 comments I loved this book and I agree with others... it made me want to do the PCT. I’m taking steps to get there one day and hike a little bit on the PCT every year.

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