Batman/Deathblow: After The Fire (Deluxe Edition) Batman/Deathblow question

Garth Garth Jul 21, 2018 03:11PM
At the end, agent Fente says that the Falcon is dead, something Deathblow realised 10 years ago.
Max's motives are not made clear...why the decision to wait 10 years? This seems to be a plot device to continue the story of the CIA getting funding. For chasing down someone they know is dead????
Why does max leave the hand of the Falcon, with Deathstroke's killing card?
Batman - the great detective - should have realized that the Falcon is dead, when he heard Max say the hand is from his employer and his employer is the Falcon?

- Deathblow did not discover that the Falcon was dead. At his last appearance he was waiting for the Falcon to appear.
- Max waited 10 years because it was a promise he made to Falcon... it was a way to honor the person he admired.
- Deathblow's killing card was a way to confuse everyone.
- If even the agent Fante, who was more involved in the matter, did not know that his employer was the Falcon why would Batman know?

Garth Thanks for the answers!! I will need to read the comic again to see if I missed those cues...
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