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Lavan Zerach | 498 comments Mod
Do you listen to a podcast that discusses books that you'd recommend to members? If so, please share!

This topic was inspired by Tasha, as she mentioned in the topic Print vs. Ebook vs. Audiobook—What's Your Preference? that she has a favorite podcast of this type—What Should I Read Next? that can be found at either link below:

An additional podcast that Tasha thinks is worth checking out:

Books on the Nightstand

message 2: by Tasha (new)

Tasha Yep, I definitely recommend both of those podcasts. There are others out there but these are the only 2 I really listen to. I hope you guys check them out and enjoy them!

message 3: by Lavan, moderator (new)

Lavan Zerach | 498 comments Mod
I just listened to episode 1—Books That Inspire Crying Jags and Sleepless Nights while eating dinner. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you, Tasha, for introducing me to What Should I Read Next? I will surely continue on with this podcast!
Two books from The Great American Read list were mentioned—The Martian by Andy Weir and Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee and a couple authors from TGAR—Jane Austen and Stephen King. Both of their books (although not from TGAR) are on my to-read shelf—Persuasion and 11/22/63.
Also, a trilogy I've read by Stieg Larsson was discussed—Millennium.

This episode was 24 minutes long. For those interested, here is a description: "Anne chats with Jamie Golden about books that provoke visceral reactions, books that inspire blissful crying jags and sleepless nights, and what books she should read next."

message 4: by Tasha (new)

Tasha Anne is really a great host. She is funny and gives out some really thoughtful recommendations. I'm glad you enjoyed it, Lavan!

message 5: by Tasha (new)

Tasha Oh, it's is so fun that she mentioned so many GAR books in the podcast. I think I may go back and listen to it again. :)

message 6: by Tasha (new)

Tasha I would like to mention that I watch youtube booktubers also and have to recommend SavidgeReads. He is entertaining and has some great discussion about books.

If this threads is ok to discuss this one, I'd love to hear what booktubers you guys all watch. I'm always on the search for a good one. I watch a few others but his channel is by far my favorite.

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Lavan Zerach | 498 comments Mod
Thank you for sharing your favorite book YouTuber, Tasha! I'm going to try to make time to watch a SavidgeReads video today.

Yes, it's perfectly fine to talk about this source here as they are closely related. I've changed the title of this topic to accommodate this addition.

I've watched a couple of PewDiePie's book review videos (recommended by a family member). He's entertaining!

PewDiePie's Literature Club

message 8: by Tasha (new)

Tasha Awesome! I'll check that one out, thanks!

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Lavan Zerach | 498 comments Mod
You're welcome, Tasha!

I listened to SavidgeReads' most recent video, Lets Talk... The Man Booker Prize 2018, while cooking dinner tonight. I liked it! At times, I found his accent difficult to understand but the more I listened the easier it became. Although I don't personally follow that prize, I do somewhat follow the Nobel Prize for Literature so I could relate in that way. It's a goal of mine to read at least one book from each Nobel laureate, but I digress ... SR's presentation of each book on this year's Man Booker long list was informative. He has a pleasant, energetic way of presenting overviews and his enthusiasm and reasons for wanting to read each, and given that he has followed this prize year after year it gave his opinion more weight which I appreciated. I will definitely watch more of his videos in the future!

message 10: by Tasha (new)

Tasha I'm so glad you liked it. He is really fun to listen to, imo. :)

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