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Mapledream {Rose Gold} | 7 comments HEYYYYYYYYY EVERYONEEEEE
So Im Maple. This is my journal. Wow what a shocker xD anyways I’ll probably just post a crap ton of random stories and thoughts here. Enjoy my weirdness :3

Mapledream {Rose Gold} | 7 comments Alright so Im pretty bored right now so Imma post about some random crap because I cannnn

Mapledream {Rose Gold} | 7 comments Ok so my friends currently are
Carter who is a short boi and I think I annoy him a lot but hes chill and I love him
Dacey is one of my best friends ever. Shes super good at like theatre and singing stuff. Super sweet and I love her too.
Weston is my not boyfriend. He’s technically not allowed to date yet but we’re practically dating so yeah. Hes super sweet and nerdy. He and Carter make sure I become educated on videogames and stuff that Ive missed out on xD
Thats my main group of friends.
I also have Courtney who used to be a really close friend and then I was stupid once and personally I dont think it was that big of a deal but then we stopped talking to each other as much but recently we’ve become closer again.
Elyzabeth is my “best friend” see, I consider everyone above my best friendS but we call each other best friend because I dunno she is just wanted to and I was like alright thats chill. Ive known her for as long as I can remember and we’ve always been friends but through the last year we’ve gotten a ton closer.

Mapledream {Rose Gold} | 7 comments Also recently Carter started playing D&D (dungeons and dragons) and he got a bunch of us to plan and is our DM now.
By the way heres everyone in our group because EHY NOT
(Ok so Dacey thinks Tate and Adah are a thing and I wasnt really sure but after further observation I ship it now)
ALSO SIDENOTE so the past year I made friends with everyone in the grade below me so Im a grade above everyone else and I dunno I just think thats funny

Mapledream {Rose Gold} | 7 comments Hey so lately I really like D&D so Imma keep talking about it. So here’s everyone and a description of their character. By the way this is in order of how we sit around the table :P

Weston: ok so he has this really tall dark elf drow character. 6 ft tall to be exact. Hes really dorky and stupid. And he’s always being like oooooooooo Can I touch this??????? But he deals a lot of damage and is a fricken tank during a fight. Also extremely friendly even though dark elf’s aren’t supposed to be like that I dont think. Also his name is Welphrik, pronounced well, frick. And that joke is made a lot
Maple (me lol): so my character is this thing called a kobold. Is like a 2 ft. tall little red dragon humanoid. Her name is Toku and shes an assassin. She deals a lot of damage even though like we’re new so all of our characters are level 2 at the moment. She also has +12 stealth and +12 sleight of hand (stealing) which is REALLY GOOD and I love my assassin baby so much. Also she doesnt do friends. So yeah.
Tate: He has the bird person sorta thing. I think he’s only 4-5 ft tall if Im correct. He is supposed to be a priest but I think he forgets that a lot because he doesn’t act very priesty that often xD His character is pretty rude and blunt sometimes but Tate is actually a really nice kid. He loves the fact that he can fly and he hates my character, Toku, but everyone else he seems chill with. Carter gets upset because none of his monsters can seem to kill him
Adah: Her character is named Brinhild or something. I think thats the last name but Im not really sure. She’s a 5 foot tall or something character. Shes an elf but I don’t remember what kind. She’s blue though so thats pretty fancy. She’s super sweet but very quiet and mysterious. I would realy like to know her backstory personally. Also shes a druid and she loves to gamble.
Dacey: Dacey’s character is Layonette Swan. She’s essentially a Disney princess with being soooo nice and having some tragic and sab backstory with her parents and all. She’s a human druid. Shes like 5’6 with long blonde hair and shes just supposed to be really pretty. She doesn’t do much but she has high charisma so that’s helpful sometimes.
Avalon: Her character is actually a guy. His name is Aiden and he’s some kind of a fire barbarian guy. Also deals tons of damage during battles and gets lots of cool advantages. I think he used to be a merchant or something. Hes 6’ tall too. Him, Welphrik and Ember are the really tall characters. His hair looks like fire and yeah just all around I think hes a cool character.
Madalyn: Last but not least is Ember. Generally pretty quiet but very sweet and actually a lot better at doing stuff than you would first think. She’s 5’11 and Im not sure what her race is. She might be an elf but also maybe something like Aiden? She has fire powers and her skin is really dark and her hair is dark red so I mean I dont know. Pretty mysterious like Brinhild. Loves her crossbow xD

Also I think its really funny because how it works around the table is that Weston, Avalon, Madalyn and I all sit by each other so my 2 foot tall Toku is surrounded by all these 6 feet tall characters. And we’re all the tanks when it comes to fighting too (not so much Madalyn’s character but whatever) so you have these super tall characters that can destroy people then again, theres just tiny little Toku that will destroy you as well xD

Mapledream {Rose Gold} | 7 comments BY THE WAY
Totally and please comment because like hey friends are a good time and if you need anyone to just chat with or whatever Im here :3

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