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Carol She's So Novel꧁꧂  | 5099 comments working on...

Carol She's So Novel꧁꧂  | 5099 comments I take it you are talking about this edition?

Kindle books have ASINs rather than ISBN numbers. & Amazon also shows this book at 716 pages, so sorry but I am leaving as is.

message 3: by Olivia (last edited Jul 22, 2018 01:09PM) (new)

Olivia (livka) | 7927 comments Hi Mindy,
both Amazon and Goodreads display ASIN for Kindle editions exactly in the same place where ISBN for ebooks and printed books.

Amazon - in Product details
Goodreads - under the book description

message 4: by Mindy (new)

Mindy | 21 comments Thank you! I just looked on my app under book description and all it shows are ratings and reviews. Maybe it doesn't show on the app? I'm not home to sign in on my computer.

message 5: by Mindy (new)

Mindy | 21 comments The ASIN number does show on Goodreads website when I log onto my desktop. It doesn't show on my app. That's why I couldn't find it. I now know to use my desktop computer to obtain the ASIN number for next time. Thanks to all!

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