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message 1: by Shir (new)

Shir Noff | 9 comments hi everyone,
I want to add a missing book that's originally is written in Hebrew, The Author exists in the directory in his english name.
1. should I add the english name of the author or the original language name?
2. how do I link the english (existing) name to the Hebrew name I added?

thanks in advance

message 2: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 23721 comments If the author has an English name in the database it means they should've been translated to English in the past.

From the Librarian Manual:

"Authors published in multiple languages:

All editions of each of their works should have the primary author name as the standard or most common Roman (that is, English-language) version of the author's name. Editions published under another spelling of the name or the name in another language should have that name listed as the secondary author. Additional author profiles may be linked directly from the About Me section on the author profile.

Different editions of a book not having the same primary author can cause quite a few distinct problems. Please keep the primary author for all editions of a work the same."

So the English name should be listed first, the Hebrew name second.

All other details can be in Hebrew, it is just the primary author name that needs to be in English. Having both names will link the author to both profiles.

message 3: by Olivia (new)

Olivia (livka) | 7927 comments Hi Shir,
if other editions of this book already exist on Goodreads please goto one and click on 'Add a New Edition'
if not go to the list of books by this author and click on
Note: these are all the books on Goodreads for this author. To add more, click here.

You will have the English author name already there.
Please click 'Add new author' under it and add a Hebrew name.

Let us know if you'll have any more question or post if you'll need data corrected.

message 4: by Shir (new)

Shir Noff | 9 comments thanks for both of your replies, will try it soon

message 5: by Shir (new)

Shir Noff | 9 comments I had a bit of hard time with combining, if you could help with this one. The athours name in english that apearrs on goodreads is Amos Ettinger (poetry books), and the hebrew name on the book I added before is עמוס אטינגר. could you plz help combine the two?

message 7: by Shir (new)

Shir Noff | 9 comments beautiful, thanks.

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