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Shabana Mukhtar (shabanamukhtarofficial) Readers, reviewers and fellow authors,

Like many of us, I too have a dream to become a famous writer. I blog, I write books, I review and read a lot.

I'm here with a request. I'd like if some of you seasoned reviewers can look at my profile and the books I've written. These are mostly short stories or novelettes, with less than one hour of reading time. My latest, 'The Farewell Gift' published yesterday stands at 2500 words, only. The kindle edition will be free on Amazon on 23rd.

If anything catches your attention, IM me and I will share the PDF. I run kindle edition giveaway from time to time.

Happy reading and happy writing!
Shabana Mukhtar

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DALIP (dalipess) | 13 comments I Would Be Only Too Glad To Reach Out & Do Reviews On A Regular Basis Not Only Of Your Books But Any Promising Author Who Can Provide Me With A Copy Of Their Book PDF/Kindle Or Hard Copy & Some Decent Publicity Material Of Their Book & Themselves..Do Follow Me & Ask Your Writer Friends To Do Same.

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Shabana Mukhtar (shabanamukhtarofficial) Sure.
Will update here when I put my books on free promotion.

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