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message 1: by Carole (new)

Carole P. Roman | 1228 comments Mod
Let us know the name and date of your newest release and hopefully we'll all share

message 2: by Pamela (new)

Pamela Harju (pamelaharju) | 5 comments Here's mine - coming out 10th August and available for pre-orders!

A World Other Than Her Own by Pamela Harju

message 3: by Ellis (new)

Ellis Knox (sknox) | 27 comments Released on the first of June, "A Child of Great Promise" - a historical fantasy novel set in Altearth.

message 4: by Alex (new)

Alex Carver | 348 comments I've tweeted you both out, Pamela and Ellis, best of luck with the books, here's my contribution.

Poetic Justice (The Oakhurst Murders #2) by Alex R. Carver was released on June 14th, and there's just 2 days left to get it for 66% off, so I would be grateful for any help in spreading the news.

Kobo -

Thanks everyone.

message 5: by Stjepan (new)

Stjepan Cobets | 1 comments I've put your books on my twitter. My book was released July 14, 2018
The Dream of the Forest by Stjepan Varesevac Cobets a Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic, Romance, Adventure. I'd be grateful for any spread of news about my book.


message 6: by J.S. (new)

J.S. (jsedge) | 7 comments Mine is Elephant Shoe, an LGBT YA. It was released 17th June, 2018. Starting 26th July it'll be on a Kindle Countdown deal in the UK (not sure about .com), available for .99p :)

Jo x

message 7: by D.J. (new)

D.J. Cooper | 246 comments Missing Remnants by D.J. Cooper Missing Remnants is my latest sci-fi mystery. A fast paced action story of missing people and a cop who is determine not to stop until they're found.

Available all over the place here


message 8: by Pamela (new)

Pamela Harju (pamelaharju) | 5 comments Sharing everyone's on Twitter now.

message 9: by Connie (new)

Connie Howell | 9 comments I.m not sure if mine qualifies but it is my latest book it was released November 2017 Lifting the Veil Raising Consciousness by Connie Howell

message 10: by J.S. (new)

J.S. (jsedge) | 7 comments Have shared all on the Twitter :) Best of luck, folks x

message 11: by Karen (new)

Karen Eisenbrey | 23 comments Released on May 22, 2018: Daughter of Magic

message 12: by H. (new)

H. Glogau-Morgan (ddraigswife) | 13 comments Sunrise to Shadows, the second book in the Midnight to Morning series was released in January, so fairly new.

message 13: by Alex (new)

Alex Carver | 348 comments All caught up with sharing to this point.

message 14: by Gabriel (new)

Gabriel Blake (gabrielblake) | 5 comments My debut novel The Mother of all Things was released back in April. It feels like longer. Check out The Mother Of All Things by Gabriel Blake

message 15: by Margaret (new)

Margaret Cahill | 4 comments My debut novel (contemporary fiction) It Could Only Happen At Sea was released a couple of months back and is available on Amazon. It's perfect summer reading but amongst all the Chardonnay and sailaway parties it deals with some much deeper stuff. I'm so happy it's got some good reviews on Amazon but it doesn't seem to be going very far yet. Thanks so much for sharing!

message 16: by Raúl (new)

Raúl Gilo | 1 comments 51 Sales Tips. Print version now available!
I am happy to announce my second book is now available in paperback. Discover the 51 key advice to sell more with hundreds of priceless concepts.
No gimmicks or tricks, but rather the fundamental elements that any seller needs to know.

Paperback edition (208 pages):

message 17: by K.D. (new)

K.D. (kdmcniven) | 3 comments I just released on Kindle my new romantic/adventure book, Sheba's Treasure. I'm hoping to have it out in paperback in a couple of weeks. It is a perfect beach read or a curl up on the couch book. It is a fast-paced adventure and a quick read. There's a wonderful review on Goodreads if anyone wants to take a peek. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

message 18: by Maggie (new)

Maggie Aldrich (maggiealdrich) | 5 comments Just released in June...It's All Greek to Me by Maggie Aldrich. A fun, easy read, available for FREE DOWNLOAD August 5th - 7th on Amazon!

It's All Greek to Me by Maggie Aldrich

A humorous romantic mystery, this summer's new must-read will keep you guessing until the last page...

"I read the whole thing in one day because I couldn't wait to see what happened!"

Single, thirty-something Emily Potens would just as soon stay on her couch with a pillow over her head than face what her life has become. In a downward spiral of misfortune, she’s lost everything she holds dear—her parents, her job, her home…even her cat. Falling through the porch of the decrepit sorority house at which she now works is only the icing on the cake. And then she meets Michael, with those deep blue eyes...

Determined to start over, Emily throws herself into her new life. While learning the finer points of adulting, such as how to live on a budget and how to get a man that’s not gay, Emily begins to unravel the mystery surrounding her parents’ untimely death—the catalyst of her own misfortune. But as she gets closer, Emily must ask herself if she’s willing to risk her own life, and a new chance at love, to learn the truth. Because sometimes, digging up the past can have deadly consequences.

"I really enjoyed this sweet mystery romance...moments with sprinklings of humor and silliness make this a great light read for the summer!" - Andrea Johnston, Author of Whiskey & Honey

message 19: by Esther (new)

Esther Rabbit | 79 comments Craving adventure, unexpected twists and a healthy dash of romance?

New Adult novel Lost in Amber: An Out Of This World Paranormal Romance will be free on Amazon from January 30th to February 3rd 2019… meaning the game is on tomorrow :)

If the genre is to your liking, here’s a little insight:

A new Interplanetary Alliance ambassador on an earthbound mission. A handful of genetically altered humans to be rescued. Meeting her changed everything.

Last but not least, thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for all your selfless amazing help, Carole!

message 20: by B. (last edited Jan 30, 2019 08:54AM) (new)

B. Lee | 1 comments Animal Killer

Animal Killer, is now available on Amazon in Paperback and eBook. #animalkillerthenovel. #animallovers.


Despite all his accomplishments while alive, Louie’s journey into the afterlife is anything but peaceful. Instead, he is confronted with a chilling demand for justice for his cruelty and slaughter of the many animals he hunted while alive. After a terrifying trial to determine where he will spend eternity, he is sent to a hellish world where he becomes the hunted. There, his soul is stalked and tormented by the very animals he murdered. As he struggles to survive, an infinite and unforgiving animal army want nothing less than his total annihilation. Will Louie escape and save his soul, or will he be lost to the abyss?

The thought-provoking story of the Animal Killer is a spiritual journey into the afterlife revealing the power of forgiveness, the true meaning of life, and our call to love one another.

You can obtain a copy of the book from Amazon here:

message 21: by Shari (new)

Shari Sakurai (shari_sakurai) | 107 comments My latest release is a short story called Never Change which was released in December.

Never Change by Shari Sakurai

Thane’s arms curved around his back and he felt the younger vampire trembling as he rested his head on Taku’s shoulder. So easily broken, Taku often forgot what it had been like in the beginning. For him things had been different, he reminded himself. He had already known what it felt like to take a life.

With Nagasaki in the grip of a bitter winter, two vampires struggle to hunt in the challenging conditions. When an opportunity to feed from a dying man presents itself, Taku insists that they take advantage of it. Yet his newly turned lover is left feeling devastated by their actions. Seeing Thane so distraught is more than Taku can bear and so he makes a decision to shield Thane as much as he can from the darker side to their existence. However his desire to protect Thane might one day cost him everything.

Never Change is a short story set in the Demon’s Blood universe.

message 22: by Joseph (new)

Joseph Carrabis (josephcarrabis) | 34 comments As I wrote in another thread;
My first indie-pubbed novel, "The Augmented Man" is due out from #BlackRoseWriting 25 July 2019. I've already received amazing reviews from thriller authors. Any suggestions on marketing/publicity?

message 23: by Valerie (new)

Valerie Sells | 9 comments Love can strike any time, any place.

At a concert, in the future, or lurking next door.
In times past, on an errand, or stuck between floors!

Sometimes one look, one word, one touch, it's enough to know your life will never be the same.

That's certainly true for the soon-to-be couples that meet in these eight compelling short stories and find that
Love Starts Here.

Available in ebook (from 1st Feb) and paperback (now).

message 24: by C. (new)

C. Gold | 62 comments I have a new paranormal/UF story just released:

I had a little fun with the Seattle Underground along the way :)

message 25: by Robert (new)

Robert Kearns (robertekearns) Good afternoon everybody.
My debut novel released on January 3.

Publisher: Black Rose Writing
Title: Hy Brasil, Island of Eternity
Paperback Link:
Kindle Link:

Many thanks.

message 26: by Aidan (new)

Aidan Nally | 5 comments Hi everyone,
Hello February.
New release memoir 17&Life
Available now on Amazon for kindle and paperback.
Decisions are things we all face in life. At 17 a young teenager should he have to reflect and question his life so far.
A major crossroads or just another intersection?
Can the decisions we make at 17 shape the entire rest of our life?
Provoking Read. Your reviews appreciated

message 27: by Cendrine (new)

Cendrine Marrouat (cendrinemarrouat) Hello everyone!

My 12th book, titled "Walks: A Collection of Haiku (Volume 1) will be released on February 28, 2019. It is available for pre-order.

It has received rave advance reviews and currently sits at the top of new releases in the Japanese Poetry & Haiku section!

Walks: A Collection of Haiku

message 29: by P.J. (new)

P.J. Roscoe My book of supernatural short stories and character subplots titled, THREE is launched on the 20th feb. Available for preorders now on Amazon kindle
Three by P.J. Roscoe

message 30: by Shanna (new)

Shanna Swenson (shannaswen) | 20 comments My book Return to Abundance Return to Abundance The Abundance Series Book 2 by Shanna Swenson released last month. Available now in paperback, on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

message 31: by Jan (new)

Jan Mayes (janlmayes) | 13 comments My non-fiction Tinnitus Toolbox - Hyperacusis Handbook has just been released. Something can be done for people with ringing in their ears or sound sensitivity. Science-based coping tools include self-help to international treatments. Tinnitus Toolbox Hyperacusis Handbook by Jan L. Mayes Tinnitus Toolbox Hyperacusis Handbook

message 32: by bill (new)

bill (bmorgens) | 38 comments Carole wrote: "Let us know the name and date of your newest release and hopefully we'll all share"

Bill Moprgenstein (revised version)

message 33: by C.A. (new)

C.A. Lear | 3 comments The Meridiem, Cedric Book 2 was just released. This is the Gothic horror sequel to The Hover.

message 34: by Tabi (last edited Feb 15, 2019 07:03AM) (new)

Tabi Slick (tabislick) | 2 comments Timur's Escape is on pre-order and will be released February 22, 2019!

In the height of Sultan Mustafa's reign, a war between Ubir factions has begun leaving the fate of the Ottoman Empire in the hands of one vampire who finds love in the least expected place. Will their love conquer all? Or will he lose himself to the darkness?

For fans of vampire romances!

Timur's Escape by Tabi Slick
Amazon Universal:

message 36: by Aidan (new)

Aidan Nally | 5 comments 17 & Life memoir
Now available on all the Amazon sites for kindle and paperback
Coming of age and all the questions that go with it.

message 37: by Ariella (new)

Ariella Talix (ariellatalix) My next release is scheduled for April 20, 2019. Save Her is Book #1 in the Lovers in Louisville series. It's available for pre-order now.

I'm also building an ARC team starting with this book, and reviewers who post by April 23 can vote on the love interest for the next book in the series. Contact me if you're interested in changing fictional lives!

message 38: by Eric (last edited Mar 13, 2019 12:49PM) (new)

Eric Stever DRAGON REMOVAL SERVICE - $0.99 | March 13 - March 20

★★★★★ "...this book reminds me a lot of early Pratchett" - Amazon UK Review

The war is over, but with all the silly left-over magic running around the kingdom, things are 'worser-than-worse'. Who's going to clean it all up?

Eleven-year-old Gulchima Brixby thinks she's the girl for the job. She's just inherited a failing construction company, and they need the work.

Lunkers under the bridge? Fairy poo in the factory? How hard could it be? It's only magic...

Dragon Removal Service (Dragon Removal Service, #1) by E.C. Stever

message 39: by M.J. (new)

M.J. Woods (mjwoodsbooks) | 22 comments RELEASE DAY for me! You can enter to win a copy of this steamy NewAdult/College Romance here:

FLUX is Part One of a duet from Award Winning Author M.J. Woods and is a feel-good novel featuring Pam & Oates from The Amped Series. NO prior reading required!

Also available on Kobo, iBooks, and B&N Digital & Paperback.

I am royally screwed.
I'm Pam Clayton, a university student with brown eyes and big thighs, the Canadian girl forever introduced as 'cute and smart'. I'm the one guys ask for tutoring help, not for a make out session at a frat party. I'm okay with this. I'm focused on my future, and I know where I'm headed.
Or, so I thought.
Most of my fellow nerds don't believe in Fate. To them, life is a series of choices resulting in data to be analyzed into quotable stats.
I strongly disagree.
I've experienced tragedy. I know Fate makes house calls with no regard for my choices.
Over one summer weekend, Fate intervenes again.
My ideal Geek Charming is hurled into my orbit. A tech genius with dark curls and muscles for days known as Daryl Oates proves the sexy brand of smart guy I fantasized about is real.
Then, my academic advisor is unwittingly assigned as Fate's sidekick. The plans for my fourth year of study are falling apart.
My snow globe universe is shaken, the foreign city inside vanishing as Fate upends the souvenir like an apathetic toddler learning cause and effect.
Despite my wanderlust and best laid plans, I've been thrown off course...and left in a state of FLUX.

message 40: by Violet (new)

Violet Rayz | 1 comments The Sweetest Dessert is now available on kindle. Indulge your desires without any of the calories!

Though twenty-four-year-old Melanie is no longer the chunky high school nerd who allowed her mother to get under her skin and on her nerves, Melanie's Christmas visit with her mother in Maine still proves to be less than pleasant. That is, until she is sent to deliver dessert to a new neighbor. Melanie discovers an older woman that may tempt her into something better than dessert.

At forty years old, Leila offers the perfect distraction for Melanie. She's also unattached, down to earth, and willing to submit to Melanie's desires.

Experiencing a sexual drought of sorts, meeting Leila drives Melanie to examine her work life balance. Will Melanie get her cake and eat it too?

Explore something much more delicious than dessert.

message 41: by Ahmad (new)

Ahmad Ardalan (ahmad_ardalan) | 1 comments My latest novel The Art Collector of Le Marais is now available in all formats.
Back in summer I traveled to Paris, and during my week strolling within the Le Marais area of the city, I was taken back by its rich artistic culture and long influence on art history.
Soon after my return, I started studying the influence of Paris on the impressionist era. I spent hours in the night learning about all the artists who left their homes and lives and settled in this beautiful city despite living in poverty, just to showcase their art to the world. Some even dying before achieving the success that followed. This is a story about them.


In the city of lights, Paris, the art capital of the world, how can one man stand above the rest?

Ever since young Sebastian heard of his grandfather’s chance meeting with the great Victor Hugo in 1877, he had been interested in literature, paintings, and poetry. Wandering around various libraries and museums at an early age only stirred that curiosity into an immense passion within him, a deep love and desire for art.
After realizing his dream of opening a gallery in the Le Marais district of Paris, Sebastian faces one hurdle after another. Bad luck, Betrayal, revenge, and fierce competition carry him to the verge of total collapse and failure, but through it all, one question remained: How much of his life would Sebastian sacrifice for art, his first true love?



Amazon ebook:
Apple Store ebook:
Google play ebook:
Kobo ebook:


Amazon USA:
Amazon UK:
Amazon Canada:
Barnes and noble:

Ahmad Ardalan Author Page:

Follow me on Bookbub

Ahmad Ardalan

message 42: by E.M.G. (new)

E.M.G. Wixley (stalkingshadows) | 32 comments NEW RELEASE! Together they agree to solve the mysteries of their past lives but in the process step into a turbulent and uncertain future. Simulation Game Simulation Game by E.M.G. Wixley

message 43: by Valerie (last edited Jun 09, 2019 11:59PM) (new)

Valerie Sells | 9 comments A Better Guide in Ourselves - a contemporary retelling of 'Mansfield Park' - is #2 in the Austen High Collection.

Good advice can be gained from family, friends, and loved ones, but ultimately, there is a better guide in ourselves, if only we would listen.

Becki Nelson is looking forward to her summer break from Austen High this year. She has so many plans both for fun and in helping others, but she is especially excited when she hears that all the Miller siblings are finally coming home.

Better not to mention Alyson who never liked her anyway, but T.J. has been like a brother to Becki, and Connor was always her best friend.

Of course, things change when children become teens, and home can feel like a whole other place when new faces show up to alter things.

How will Becki navigate a her way through a summer full of new friends, old habits, family drama, and surprises both good and bad? Join her on this adventure and find out for yourself!

message 44: by Eoin (new)

Eoin ODonnell | 1 comments Funderland: A Novel

My novel Funderland is available free to kindle readers on Amazon.
Literary fiction for fans of Nick Hornby, Michael Chabon and Anne Enright.

message 45: by Joseph (new)

Joseph Carrabis (josephcarrabis) | 34 comments A few years back I switched careers and set out to be a published author.

On 3 June 2019 I reached my goal; Black Rose Writing is publishing my first novel, The Augmented Man (many more novels to follow).

The Augmented Man Bookcover


I would like you to help me celebrate and am offering three suggestions:

Preorder a signed copy from me
Preorder a copy directly from Black Rose
Donate something to a charity.

Susan and I celebrated with donations to Catie’s Closet and the Manchester Animal Shelter.

So please help me celebrate however your heart leads, and thanks.

message 46: by Kynzo (new)

Kynzo | 2 comments Hi, I am new here
my new book will be ( Anxiety and Avoidance Anxiety The Mind of Its Own, Eliminate That and Enjoy Lasting Happiness in 21 days by Donnie Hoffman avail for free downloads from midnight Pacific Time 12/6/2019 to 14/6/2019.
Please grab a copy and let me have your honest feedback.
Thank You

message 47: by P.J. (new)

P.J. Roscoe
Above is the link to my newest novel, Where Rivers meet, a Paranormal Romance set among the Welsh mountains of the 19th century Copper mines.

message 48: by Michael (new)

Michael Hesse | 2 comments My first novel, Shadow Company (alternate history/urban fantasy) has just been released on Amazon. Offering free kindle version this Saturday & Sunday (June 15&16) for those that are interested. Thanks

message 49: by Connie (new)

Connie Howell | 9 comments Hi , here is a link to my latest book just released called Spirit Matters, Gateways to Healing and Higher Dimensions. It is non fiction as are all my books.

message 50: by Dale (new)

Dale Renton (dalerenton) | 5 comments My latest (and first Indie) novel, DART was released in March. It's a fast paced SF Action/Adventure novel with more than a touch of humor.

DART by Dale Renton

All the best,

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