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message 1: by Win (new)

Win Scott Eckert (win_scott_eckert) | 37 comments Sorry I haven't posted... in the past month, been finalizing the galleys for the new edition of 'Tarzan and the Dark Heart of Time,' as well as 'The The Philip José Farmer Centennial Collection' (which by the way got a starred review from Publishers Weekly). Also getting ready for several panels at PulpFest 2018 / FarmerCon 100, as well as a million details associated with putting on FarmerCon and manning the Meteor House table. And preparing for the Edgar Rice Burroughs Dum Dum 2018, which is the weekend after PulpFest; I'll have a table there and will be giving a talk about Farmer and Burroughs. Also turned in the MS. for my Avenger novella, 'Hunt the Avenger,' to Moonstone Books. And signed a contract for a new novel.

I'm tired!

Anyway... currently reading Sax Rohmer's 'The Yellow Claw,' the first Gaston Max mystery. Lots of atmosphere.

Probably won't see me post much here until mid-August, after the Dum Dum.

message 2: by Anthony (new)

Anthony (talekyn) | 8 comments Busy! Can't wait to read all of the stuff you've been working on.

I finally read Escape From Loki earlier this week, and started Time's Last Gift last night.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Pulpfest!

message 3: by Win (new)

Win Scott Eckert (win_scott_eckert) | 37 comments Looking forward to seeing you next week, Anthony!

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