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Penelope Sky
Can anyone tell me if the Penelope Sky books should be read in any particular order? She has the button, the lingerie and Scotch series. I was wondering if these fell inline with each other. TIA!

as long as you read the series together - you're ok. i've read them all, and i think that the best thing to do is read them in the order they were published. There are characters that are introduced and weave in and out. they don't or won't ruin anything if you don't read them in the right order, but there could be potential hints or 'teasers' that you could get if you read them out of publishing order.

I'm not sure I've only read the 3 firts book in the buttons serie, but I know that you can stop at the third one as it is another character that we follow in the last 3 books.

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