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message 1: by Aaron (new)

Aaron | 5 comments Hi all!

I have recently been reading A LOT more than I have in the past. I am looking to start reviewing books for authors.

The genres that I am looking to review would be fiction: Fantasy (being my main choice-I love longer series), adventure, thriller, mystery. I am open to most genres depending on if synopsis of the book gains my interest.

I'm more than happy tell you my favorite authors so that you can see my interests, just PM for that or any other information!

I would prefer a physical copy of a book, but I do also read on my kindle. I'm just starting out and new to this process so please be patient with me.

If you have a book that you would like reviewed send me a PM. I would love you talk to you about your book and learn more to see if I would be interested in reviewing it for you. I will provide an honest review for you!

message 2: by Bolivar (new)

Bolivar Beato (bolivarbeato) | 14 comments Hi Aaron,
I am looking for a review for my fantasy novel Pangaea; the Sunslinger Pangaea; the Sunslinger. Looking to see if you are interested.

Lyonesse exists a lawless city under constant siege by malicious crime lords. It is a nexus point between Pangaea’s underworld and its elite, delivering both the best and the worst Pangaea has to offer a broken people. No one, whether Highbourne or Low, whether mortal or High Immortal, can escape the city’s darkness once it takes hold.
In that darkness a young Cougar seeks to shine a small light by helping those less fortunate. And with some luck, atone for past sins committed out of inexperience.
Her protector; an Elf whose past has left him defeated and whose boss seeks only to keep them both under his heel.
A terrible accident can either set them both free or see them forever ensnared, or worse…dead.

“Every now and then a Ranger, near the end of his life or edge of her sanity, enters Lyonesse in a last-ditch effort to bring a small measure of hope to the hopeless.
Predictably, their life span is short and violent.”

pdf or epub available
email me for a copy

Thank you

message 3: by Madness (new)

Madness Jones | 15 comments If you're interested, I could send a code for a free ePub copy of my sci-fi novel "The Legend of Yan-Kan Mar" on The story is a little over 100K long and focuses on world building and character development.

Overview: "The Sinister Ones were finally dead, but their deaths were only the beginning..." 40 million years ago an advanced race called the Taiko ruled the earth. All traces of them have been lost, and humanity has ruled the planet for thousands of years. Now, however, a skeleton from the past has been unearthed in the form of three Taiko sky pirates led by the formerly infamous Yan-Kan. The pirates are revived from their crystal prison and discover that their world no longer belongs to their people. What will they do with this knowledge? Will they seek revenge, try to start a new life, or attempt to unlock the secrets of their people's forgotten past? The Legend of Yan-Kan Mar is a tale of life, loss, adventure, the undying bonds of family and the discovery of new friendships. Readers from many walks of life will find this an unforgettable read.

message 4: by Ciaran (new)

Ciaran McKearney | 11 comments hi aaron, i am looking for reviews for my novel Hostile Acquisition. It is a sci fi novel about a young man who leaves his home on mars in the hope of finding adventure and fame in the stars and only finds betrayal and death as corporations fight for dominance in a universe that has no rules.

If you interested and wish a copy don't hesitate to contact me via email.

message 5: by Shweta (new)

Shweta Sanzgiri | 8 comments Hi there Aaron! My name is Shweta Sanzgiri and I’m a recently published author from Toronto, ON with a new children’s book out called The Star and I'd love to get a review from you. :) My book comes in paperback, hardcover and ebook! If you're interested, please message me and I will send you a link/code. Thank you!

Book description:
The Star is a whimsical story of a star who is left to feel insignificant to other elements in the universe finds solace in the moon who ushers it to keep believing in itself. After a dark turn of events that swallows the sky, the star is tested to being a waking miracle to save the universe and finds it’s purpose from realizing its self-worth. Much like The Star, children are faced with obstacles they must overcome and eventually shine from their potential.

message 6: by Jonah (new)

Jonah Elliot I'm always happy to get reviews for my books, and I can send hard copies to those that want them.

Dream Chest is my standalone novel. Think of "Ready Player One" with a female protagonist. Bridgette uses a computer game to cross into a fantasy world where she can be as beautiful as she dreams and everyone treats her wonderfully. But there's a cost....

My other two are Codex of Light and Codex of Darkness, an intense fantasy novel of an intelligent and pious protagonist who gets captured and enslaved by a violent barbarian from a race of dragon-men... and he must learn to cope.

message 7: by Rich (new)

Rich Paz (rch1313) | 11 comments Hi Aaron,
How are you? I was wondering if you would be interested in reviewing my book? It is a Ya Sci-Fi Fantasy thriller called Enoch and the Stars Above. Please send me a PM if interested. Thanks so much and have a nice day.

Kind regards,

message 8: by Danielle (new)

Danielle Theodore | 9 comments Aaron!
I would greatly appreciate a review on my new book!

The KT DIET: Keto Transformation: The Ultimate 28-Day Meal Plan to Get You Fit, Focused + Fabulous!

I would greatly appreciate any and all help with reviews for my book! I have been helping people lose weight for years, and finally put all of my meal plans into a wonderful cookbook/meal plan. Now it is go time with reviews!

You're a dynamic person, with dynamic goals, so why have an average weight loss plan? It's time to take back control of your life and get in the best shape of your life! The KT Diet will revolutionize the way you think about dieting and weight loss. This scientifically proven system is designed with your busy life in mind, no more wasting time on diets that don't work or that cost a fortune. The KT Diet is a 28-Day Meal Plan that enables you to lose weight, in a healthy, efficient and effective manner, providing you with clarity and energy, all without you ever feeling hungry! So what are you waiting for? The KT Diet has everything you need to start your keto weight loss journey to get you FIT, FOCUSED + FABULOUS.

Please contact me at if you would like to review the book. It is free if you have Kindle Unlimited, or I can send you a copy as well.


KT Diet Keto Transformation The Ultimate 28-Day Meal Plan to get you Fit, Focused, and Fabulous by Danielle Theodore

message 9: by Ciaran (new)

Ciaran McKearney | 11 comments Hi Aaron and everyone. To celebrate Black Friday, the one day in the year when old age pensioners beat each other unconcious with a tube of tubesocks to get their hands on a two thousand dollar television for twenty cents less i am making most of my books free for a few days. The book blurb is

Hostile Acquisition:
In a universe where the corporations control everything, everything seems peaceful, but on a world unknown to others, a corporate sector manager brings his long awaited plans to fruition. Plans that he believes will change the universe for ever.
Unknown to all, a young man, wishing to see the universe as an adventure, is thrust into a universe not paved with gold that he believed and dreamed, but with lies, deceit and murder.

Meanwhile a disgraced corporate representative sees her chance to redeem herself, from a disgrace that has followed her for years, and once again rise through the ranks of the mobs of nameless drones for the corporation and rise to the top where she should belonged.

To fight the war, a colonel long since ignored now considers her future in a corporation that she has given her life to. With the battle raging the young man Sam, soon finds himself in amongst a platoon of disgraced veterans who teach him how to survive in this universe of lies and betrayal.

Will the young adventurer realize his error and survive his mistake? Will the universe realize the danger it is in? Will the colonel go through with her plan and will the sector managers well laid plans truly succeed? Only time will tell.


Asset reallocation:
The war of the corporations had escalated into self-destruction. Among this desolation, the much maligned ISG rises from the ashes. In its senate chamber the corporations fight for their survival as liberals try to wrestle control for the future of the human race.

However on an insignificant planet in deep space, Sam a mercenary and his band of comrades, fight for an unknown employer for a planet that the corporations are unwilling to loose against those who see their future with the resurgent ISG. Will the corporations keep the planet and keep their power alive? Will Sam and his fellows survive this obvious trap?
The fate of the planet as well the fate of the universe depends on this worthless rock in space.

There are another two which if anyone is interested they can get while the promotion is still running

message 10: by T.L. (new)

T.L. Wright | 7 comments Driftwood (Driftwood #1) by T.L. Wright

Hi Aaron

I am looking for reviews for my debut novel 'Driftwood' by TL Wright.
The first book in a paranormal fiction series.
It is available to download for free on kindle unlimited or i can send you a pdf review copy if you are interested.
I am looking for reviews on both Amazon and Goodreads.

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