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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Sci-fi horror 1980s, sort of Dean Koontz style, Six strangers are unaccountably seized by nightmares, attacks of fear, and bouts of uncharacteristic behavior. The six begin to seek each other out as puzzling photographs and messages arrive [s]

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Carly Corday | 3 comments I read this as a fairly thick paperback over several days, in the park, while my youngest played. Can't believe I don't have it in my boxes full of keeper-books I never threw away. Since I did put all I remember about it in the TOPIC LINE, that's about it. I'd love to read that again, and especially to see who wrote it, and what it was called. Would like to read more by author if any. That youngest child of mine is 31 now, though I don't remember his precise age back then, so I think late 1970s up to early 1990s is the period. It was so good, I feel sure fans of the genre will have heard of it. Thank you!

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MJ | 1430 comments Dean Koontz has one about a bunch of people gravitating back to a motel at the same time. They all start talking about weird things happening and one of them is a solider type who spy's on them first while he's trying to figure out what's going on, before joining them and telling them they need to start taking precautions (think he had tech that let him listen from a distance thru the windows).


Pretty sure they were all randomly at the wrong place wrong time for something, and the government implanted basic generic memories to cover it up. The brain washing was failing, which was why they were all now drawn back to the place.

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MJ | 1430 comments Strangers

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Kate Farrell | 4069 comments Mod
MJ, are you suggesting Strangers by Dean Koontz?

Carly, is this your book? Please let us know either way. We'll either keep looking or mark it as "solved."

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MJ | 1430 comments Yep, thanks Kate, that was the one I was suggesting ;)

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Kate Farrell | 4069 comments Mod
Thanks, MJ.

Carly, please let us know if MJ's suggestion was your book. We crave closure!

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Ayshe | 4327 comments Title seems spoiler-y, so editing it would be nice - to other people intending to read that book.

Carly Corday | 3 comments OH OH OH! I'm so sorry I seem to have forgotten or ignored this, I didn't know where the answer if any would show up! Found these by accident when I (duh) happened to go ahead and click the bell icon to see if any real messages from actual people were in there. STRANGERS sounds like a good place to start, by Dean Koontz, although I was a hearty Koontz reader in those days and don't recall this one being by him, rather I recall it being LIKE him and yet NOT him. But I am ooooold, starting to conflate a lot of memories nowadays, so let me look into STRANGERS and I'll hurry back within a week or 2 to give closure. SO SOWWY!!!

Carly Corday | 3 comments This is without question EXACTLY the book I was thinking of. Thank you so much, you smart kind people! I'm getting it from eBay to read again. Just what I'm in the mood for in this overdose of "Ancient Aliens" culture. I'd like UFOs to be real, and the current climate is kinda making them silly, LOL. It could just as easily be the gummint! STRANGERS by Dean Koontz. Thank you!

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Ayshe | 4327 comments Great that the book was found! Could the spoiler in thread's title be removed, please?

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