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Peyton (pemhorse8) | 68 comments My workshop.

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Peyton (pemhorse8) | 68 comments
Peyton's Face Claims

1. Adam Driver-Who played Kylo Ren --- (view spoiler)

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Peyton (pemhorse8) | 68 comments Name~ Sarah
Age~ 13 Years Old
Gender~ Female

Personality~ Sarah is quite the person to talk to, being someone who tends to bring up any conversation and stay that way for hours on end. She’s not one to give into things easily, making her a hard person to persuade into doing things.

History~ As soon as she could walk, her family of former assassins started teaching her their ways, guiding her through every step towards becoming one herself. When she was old enough, she left her family and home to make a new life at Shadow Hollow, with her parents expecting her to work in her branch of the assassins.

Markings~ None

Magic~ Eagle Vision - Using her eyesight, Sarah can use Eagle Vision to do things like see through walls at people, animals, or hiding spots. When used a light blue haze is seen for effect and the 'vision' can only be seen for a maximum of 50 feet.

Weapon~ Throwing knives, a hidden blade, bow, firearm, fists, and sword.

Attire~ (view spoiler)

Warrior Rank~ Medium

Weight~ 85 lbs
Height~ 4.11

Pet/s~ Messenger-Male (view spoiler)

♦ Agile & Quick
♦ Excellent Climber
♦ Intelligent
♦ Tends To Push Others Away
♦ A Little Too Independent
♦ Quite Full Of Herself
Relationship Status~ Closed

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