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Bookworm with Kids This is the spoiler thread for the July to September 2018 Quarterly Iriash Read.

Barbara (bdegar) | 4626 comments I must say that there was something of a lack of character development in this novel. How on earth did Roderick decide he was in love with Stella, a woman he barely knew? What was Pamela's health issue? Was her "situation" - instability, living with her brother- symptoms of the few options women had during that time period?
This bit from a review helps:
While a nonsense romance between Stella and Roddy – who fall in love in the space of a few polite meetings and now fear they will die if they may not marry – carries on, this sort of sublimation of love is simultaneously undercut by the gradual revelation that idealised women are a “shallow fraud”, and the process of icon-making murderous.
As much as this book is about ghosts, it is about the powerlessness of women and the narrow lives they are forced to lead.
The ghost scenes are convincing and scary. I think Macardle does a good job with this aspect. I don't read many gothic novels but I can see why this one was so popular.

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