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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Romance / Vampire book in a series. Humans can be turned into vampires only if they have a particular gene or similar in their body.

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message 1: by Matteo (new)

Matteo | 3 comments Read when i was a teenager, so i think it is more or less 10 - 15 years old.

The book is probably one in a series, surely not the first one. Book starts with the main character ( probably a vampire hunter, 100% sure he is human ) that is kept prisoner in a cottage (or house) in the middle of...(i remember snow, maybe a forest) by a female vampire that will become his love interest. But he manage to escape and i think that the female vampire hunts him, trying to capture him.

The plot is that humans must have a gene or something similar in their body in order to be turned into vampires. The main character is a man who has not that, so he cannot become a vampire even if he get bit.

But i seem to remember that later in the book he and the female vampire find a way to overcome this problem. Maybe.

There is inside at least 1 explicit love scene between human main character and the female vampire, so maybe it is not suited to minors.

Cover of the book was blue, i think to remember.

Author's Name or Surname maybe started with " K ".

message 2: by Steph (new)

Steph | 27 comments Hmm....might be a long shot, but have you checked out Maggie Shayne’s “Wings in the Night” series? I’ve only read one or two books overall since it is a pretty big series, but the premise of only a genetically lucky select few can become vampires is definitely a plot point that popped up a couple of times.

message 3: by Matteo (new)

Matteo | 3 comments Found it, i finally found it after years of useless searches.

Your suggestion is right, it was one of those books. And now i can post in this forum the last book that i need to find again.

Words cannot describe how grateful i am, Steph. Thank you for your help.

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