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Brother Bones: City of Lost Souls
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Scott Bennett | 493 comments More stories of the Undead Avenger - Brother Bones. Message me with your e-mail if you'd like to listen/review. Please specify US or UK code.

For decades, Cape Noire had existed on the Northwest coast, a bustling metropolis of international commerce. Over time, it became a nexus for all manner of evil and corruption, fed by a dark, insidious spirit of darkness that seemed to infuse itself into the city’s very foundations. Then one night, the strangest creature of them all was born in the midst of thunder, lighting, and murder. He wears a torn black trench-coat, wide-brim fedora, and a bone-white skull mask while wielding twin silver-plated automatics. He is Cape Noire’s supernatural protector: Brother Bones, the undead avenger.

At his hands, none find mercy, only cold unforgiving justice. He now returns in five macabre, horror-filled adventures pitting him against both real and imaginary monsters. Among these, a notorious fiend garbed in blood red and known as Doctor Satan, Master of the Occult Arts.

Once again, award-winning pulp scribe Ron Fortier offers up a collection of new Brother Bones exploits from his feverish imagination. In Cape Noire, the fun is only getting started.

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Victoria Haugen (victoriahaugen) | 97 comments Heck yeah! If you're not bored of me yet lol, I'd love to listen/review :)

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Scott Bennett | 493 comments Absolutely thrilled that you want to listen! As long as you don't get tired of the sound of my voice. haha Thanks for listening and reviewing. Sent you a code via e-mail. Cheers!


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Edward Murphy (beachsided) | 561 comments

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Scott Bennett | 493 comments Just sent. Enjoy.


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Edward Murphy (beachsided) | 561 comments Scott wrote: "Just sent. Enjoy.

Thank You Scott

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