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message 1: by Keanna (new)

Keanna (keannaluna) I made this topic to talk about the book to tv show adaptation of the Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare!

message 2: by Nallie❄️ (new)

Nallie❄️ | 47 comments Do you like the tv show or the books better?

message 3: by Keanna (new)

Keanna (keannaluna) I definitely prefer the books. The tv show hardly follows the storyline apart from the main plots but they are in no way similar to how they are portrayed in the books. However, I still really love the TV Show and think the actors portray the characters brilliantly! What about you?

message 4: by Nallie❄️ (new)

Nallie❄️ | 47 comments I love books and have read them all. I love how the books have a much more detail about the plot and story line but I do still love the TV show especially Magnus.

message 5: by Keanna (new)

Keanna (keannaluna) Harry plays Magnus so well!! He's exactly how I imagined Magnus to look like!

message 6: by Nallie❄️ (new)

Nallie❄️ | 47 comments Yes! He does, the one who didn’t look like how I imagined though was Jace.

message 7: by Keanna (new)

Keanna (keannaluna) Yeah I agree, I'm not sure if it's because Dom is 28 and Jace is 17 and also the obvious fact that his eyes are blue and not a golden shade, but he's just not how I imagined him. I still think Dom plays him well though.

message 8: by Nallie❄️ (new)

Nallie❄️ | 47 comments Yes he does. If I had to pick out of Jace and Alec in the TV show I probably pick Alec, Matt plays him really well.

message 9: by Keanna (new)

Keanna (keannaluna) Matt is fantastic!! What's your opinion on Kat as Clary?

message 10: by Nallie❄️ (new)

Nallie❄️ | 47 comments I thinks she suits Clary really well! What do you think of Sebastian?

message 11: by Keanna (new)

Keanna (keannaluna) Obviously Sebastian was supposed to have Black hair and then silver hair and Wills hair is blonde, but I actually really love Will as Sebastian!

message 12: by Nallie❄️ (new)

Nallie❄️ | 47 comments Yes he plays the character so well and I love his accent!

message 13: by Amrita (last edited Aug 25, 2018 08:01AM) (new)

Amrita Mishra | 4 comments I personally think the entire cast is doing good except for Kat McNamara. She is so bland, expressionless. There is no fire to her at all. Also, I kinda hate the mortal instruments books. The initial idea of half-angel demon hunting warriors is great but Cassandra Clare's execution is shitty. So the TV Show, for me, is an improvement. I really wish Julie Plec and CW had taken up this series. They would have made it 10x better than the current adaptation. It seems to me that currently the emphasis is too much on the cast looking great even when they are delivering heartfelt dialogues instead of the whole thing coming across as authentic. Still its better than the books.

message 14: by Anna (new)

Anna (annaisreadin) | 2 comments Honestly? I did not like the actors. None of them. I thought that they just did not fit into my picture of the characters while reading the book.

message 15: by Anabelle (new)

Anabelle Thompson | 1 comments A lot of people are hating on the show (Not really here but on other social media platforms) and although the characters are not how I pictured them in the book except for Alec, I think the actors know their characters well and portray them and their personalities really well. However, the actors aren’t the best but they are all relatively new to acting so I think they’ll get better. And though I would’ve liked for them to keep true to the book, I think it’s kind of cool to see the story play out in a different way.

message 16: by Ashley (new)

Ashley not to forget, they got the important parts right, like Jace being possessed and Clary killing her father. and I like how you see more of each character.

message 17: by Amna (new)

Amna Alvi (amnaaalvi) | 29 comments Okay i hated how on the show the plot is SOOO off its not even funny. I liked the actors for alec, izzy, and magnus, but the rest need work. The others. most either dont fit their description or how they act, especially jace, who doesnt fit either of these. Im not hating on the actors, im just saying that these actors may not have been the best fit for these specific characters. And also clary, she needs that inner fire in her, which u see more in the mortal instruments movie then in the show. Other then that, i LOVEDDD the book series and it is literally my favourite series. I love how the only thing the show got right was alec and magnus <3

message 18: by Holly (new)

Holly Mae | 9 comments I always think of the books and the tv show as two different things. I find this allows me to enjoy both. Obviously the books are better but that’s the same for 99% of adaptations. Personally I still love the TV show as the actors are decent, the plot is, at very least unexpected and two words people MATT DADDARIO. I would watch It if he was in it. Honestly, how can you slag off a show with Matt Daddario in love with a glittery Harry Shum Jr??? Come on people, that kind of entertainment would only come from Clare.

message 19: by [deleted user] (new)

umm the show was okay in NY opinion

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)


message 21: by Zara (new)

Zara   | 86 comments TMI book series is my favourite.
But I don't like the show, they changed a lot of things a huge part of the story was lost.

message 22: by tysha (new)

tysha | 30 comments The t.v show changed soo many things that i wasn't comfortable watching it and i don't think the actors for jace and clary were like them AT ALL, but maybe its because i feel that Jamie Campbell Bower and Lily Collins are the best actors for them?

message 23: by Tessa (new)

Tessa (tdn99) | 116 comments I also feel like Jamie Campbell and Lily Collins are the best actors for Jace and Clary. I have not watched the tv series, because someone warned me that they changed a lot. As I like the books very much, I just didn't want to watch it. Maybe if I have nothing to watch, I'm going to try it but until then I'm not going to risk the view I have from the movie.

message 24: by Zara (new)

Zara   | 86 comments Yeah Jamie and Lilly are the best actors for Jace and clary. The TV series was nothing like the book.

message 25: by Chapters of Book (new)

Chapters of Book (chaptersofbook) | 11 comments Honestly, I hate the t.v show, I tried watching it as it's so hyped but I just couldn't and I was forced to stop after the first episode

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