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Books that make you a better person?
Rachel Holloway Rachel Jul 13, 2018 07:48AM
What books, having read them, make you feel like you're a better and more understanding person?

Great question, Sukanya.

I think reading One Day by David Nicholls made me a better person for a few days...

Letters from a Stoic by Seneca made me a, dare I say it, wiser person. The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran and The Meaning of Things by AC Grayling, also benefited me.

The book that set my course in reading was Great Expectations by Dickens.

Have you read Siddhartha by Hesse? I think you might like that one.

I Have a Dream - Rashmi Bansal

The Bhagavad Gita

"Remains of the day"
by Kazus Ishigurs

In the early part of his story, the strait-laced Stevens plays perfectly the role of model butler as obliging narrator. Attentive to detail, solicitous of others, eager to serve, he primly sketches the history and current state of affairs at the great house and points out the agreeable features of the landscape as he moves slowly from Salisbury to Taunton, Tavistock and Little Compton in Cornwall. Much of this is dryly, deliciously funny, not so much because Stevens is witty or notably perceptive (he is neither) but because in his impassive formality he is so breathtakingly true to type, so very much the familiar product of the suppressive and now anachronistic social system that has produced him and to which he is so intensely loyal.

this book made me a better person. Gregory had written about my country (especially Mumbai) and the simple folks he met and lived with.
This book is a masterpiece. Rarely have I come across an author who has taken so much trouble to understand and write about a country which is so different from his own. He was brutally honest and this book made me cry so many times!

There are many books that made me a better person and are still doing it.. the very simple improvement that I can start with is my languages french spanish and english they were not the same when I started reading books with them.. but the best of all was the secret and it was the first one even if I didn't like some topics discussed by it but it still the best one it helped me to see how is our world and how it works so thankw to rhonda byrne and for sure her books the power and hero were good and I can list some books that helped me so much like
لا تحزن
Comment se faire des amis
The richest man an baybilon
First things are first
And many other ones

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