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glossary ▸ here you will find a glossary of various important things that you may need to know the names of.

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nal — the main religion of leiyun
aive — the major pantheon of gods
uive — the minor pantheon of gods
the aive
sai — goddess of the day (sky), twin to soi, co-rulers
soi — god of the night (sky), twin to sai, co-rulers
leiju — god of the forest, son of soi
yuen — goddess of the ocean, sister of yaji
suikyan — god of fire, younger brother of sai and soi, elder brother of kaise
kaise — goddess of wind, the younger sister of sai, soi and suikyan
yaji — god of storm, brother of yuen
kuin — goddess of earthquakes, daughter of kaise
uale — god of summer
kijayu — goddess of winter, sister to noayu
noayu — god of healing, brother to kijayu
the uive
gaie — god of the home
ironaio — goddess of the hearth
duekai — god of the kitchen
kasujo — goddess of family
uniya — goddess of good luck
fuihajin — god of bad luck
sentaju — god of choice
damae — god of learning
chujo — goddess of childbirth
ryuyui — god of safe travel
toriyujo — god of paths
domun — god of animals
umare — goddess of horses
saikuda — god of messengers

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