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message 1: by Lauren (new)

Lauren (laurenjberman) | 2239 comments The Ironteeth witches have allied themselves with the King of Adarlan. How does this benefit them and do you think that Manon will remain loyal to her grandmother?

message 2: by Melissa (new)

Melissa (melissasd) | 194 comments I think the witches have allied with the king only to get their land back. They will not continue once this happens. Manon's relationship with her grandmother is strained and I see it all coming to a head at some point with Manon on top.

message 3: by Lauren (new)

Lauren (laurenjberman) | 2239 comments Yes, I also see Manon's relationship with her grandmother coming to a head. There is something underneath it all - some secret. I think that Manon is going to replace her grandmother as the Blackbeak leader and turn against the King.

message 4: by Lieke (new)

Lieke | 83 comments The relationship with her grandmother won't stay good and all or part of the witches will turn against the king.

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