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            ──────────────────── ♛ ────────────────────
         descriptiondescriptionthe characters​​ ❝ L I S T▾
→ headmasters
cara devries (olly) - lawful good
jung hyunwoo (kaya) - true neutral

→ overseeing council (may add more)
▸vespia portermount (donovan)

→ disciplinary branch
▸wolfgang forester (amber)

→ recreational staff (may add more)
▸derek hale (olly) - lacrosse coach (1/4)
▸angelo holloway (bo) swim coach (1/4)
▸alicia hwang (kaya) swim coach (2/4)
▸carson carter (pika) track coach (1/4)
▸jung hyunwoo (kaya) - art club supervisor
▸chess coach (open)
▸gaming coach (open)
▸canary (amber) - marching band instructor
▸natalie munroe (witch) choir coach
▸foster graham (olly) - drama instructor

→ house ranks
▸oliver (olly) - void house master
▸jae (kaya) - brigmore house master
▸hazel rosewood - elderlock house master
▸amaria mitchell-porter (donovan) - saffron house master

description▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ [houses​​​]​ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
description ↳ E L D E R L O C K▾
descriptiondescription wolfsbane ⇢ (view spoiler)

description ↳ B R I G M O R E▾
descriptiondescription roses ⇢ (view spoiler)

description ↳ S A F F R O N▾
descriptiondescription dragon's tongue ⇢ (view spoiler)

description ↳ V O I D▾
descriptiondescription wildflowers ⇢ (view spoiler)

description ↳ S T A F F▾
descriptiondescription water lilies ⇢ (view spoiler)

description ↳ P R I M O R D I A L S▾
descriptiondescription lavender ⇢ (view spoiler)

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The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) | 1501 comments Mod
description▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ [positions]​ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
description ↳ r a n k s▾
description▸ house master
description▸ head house member
description▸ assistant house member

description▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ [years]​ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
description ↳ a g e s▾
description▸ 1st years~ [11-12 yrs old]
description▸ 2nd year~ [12-13 yrs old]
description▸ 3rd year~ [13-14 yrs old]
description▸ 4th year~ [14-15 yrs old]
description▸ 5th year~ [15-16 yrs old]
description▸ 6th year~ [16-17 yrs old]
description▸ 7th year~ [17-18 yrs old]

description ↳ u p p e r - a g e s▾
description▸ graduates ⇢ (view spoiler)

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         descriptiondescriptionroyalty​​ ❝ L I S T▾
→ portermount is ruled by a constitutional monarchy, thus while there are royals, they have to rule within the bounds of a constitution set by the people and can also be dethroned if they're caught acting against the constitution. there exists a royal family, some members even attend addermire, most live within syracuse, the capital of portermount and the biggest area for trade and politics.

the portermount royal family is comprised of several different species, as they have married out among the noble folk of varying origin. the king himself is a greater dragon - ancient and haling from the nothernmost tip of portermount's isles - valacore, a jagged region of ice and mountainous caverns. the queen is the last surviving full blooded unicorn who can shift between forms (similar to the kelpie). their heirs are a cross between two archaic, mysterious creatures, and as such they're known to be gifted in the mystical arts as well as alarmingly ethereal in appearance.
description ↳ F A M I L Y ▾

head members

alfred ackerman (pika) - sun = dragon/unicorn
casey portermount (amber) + shade = dragon
braxton portermount (hammie) + moon = gargoyle

denali valacore (olly) +sun = witch/winged unicorn
vespia portermount (donovan) + shade = winged unicorn


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reserved comment

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         descriptiondescriptiondefacto​​ ❝ L I S T▾
♠ if you don't join us, you'll serve us.
→ the students gathered beneath the nameless primordial force chaotic evil - typically of moon influence and notably taking residence within the brigmore house of roses. their main objective is to dismantle addermire from the inside out, to separate the people, to render them weak in every way they can without making themselves known. above all, they hold a scorn for the two headmasters that's unbridled, most of them firmly believe that they are in fact, entitled to the obedience of the mundane human society. they are a direct result of the civil war being raged outside the addermire walls.

↳ I N I T I A T E S ▾ (will add more)
anabelle wright (rose boy) + (view spoiler)
hiram northcott (amber) + (view spoiler)
denali valacore (olly) + (view spoiler)



↳ P R I E S T S ▾ (will add more)
nix sodom (donovan) - (view spoiler)
auset (olly) (view spoiler)
hope bastian (olly) + (view spoiler)
killian kingston (olly) + (view spoiler)

↳ H A R B I N G E R S ▾
rune cithipkl (kaya) + m - (view spoiler)
cricket finch (bo) + m - (view spoiler)
nadia von gentlemour (roseboy) + f (view spoiler)
▸ (farsyo)

↳ C H A O S ▾
▸tobias - (kaos)
▸sin - (olly)

♠ weed out the weak, the garden will flourish
initiates are those that have shown an interest in joining but have not finished the requirements to join - that requirement being the sacrifice of a mundane, especially if it's one close to them. once they finish the sacrifice they are given the title "priest," and from then it's their main priority to recruit those around them into their ideology. harbingers are those that chaotic evil seeks out personally. being approached by the third primordial is a great honor though, so if they show disrespect - they may not come out of conversation alive.

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kaya (ananats) | 307 comments Mod
characterT A L L I E S
↳ S P E C I E S ▾
angel ▸ 7
banshee ▸ 3
demon ▸ 6
dhampir ▸ 1
djinn ▸ 2
dragon ▸ 5
dryad ▸ 3
elemental ▸ 1
elf ▸ 5
fae ▸ 4
gargoyle ▸ 2
gorgon ▸ 2
griffin ▸ 3
hellhound ▸ 2
hybrid ▸ 2
incubus ▸ 4
kapre ▸ 1
kitsune ▸ 6
mambabarang ▸ 1
naga ▸ 3
nephilim ▸ 1
nymph ▸ 5
oni ▸ 1
pixie ▸ 2
primordial ▸ 10
prophet ▸ 1
selkie ▸ 1
shapeshifter ▸ 6
siren ▸ 4
sorcerer ▸ 3
strigoi ▸ 1
unicorn ▸ 1
vampire ▸ 3
ventus ▸ 1
warlock ▸ 2
wendigo ▸ 1
werewolf ▸ 13
witch ▸ 8
??? ▸ 2

↳ G E N D E R ▾
male ▸ 75
female ▸ 49
other ▸ 4

↳ I N F L U E N C E ▾
moon ▸ 47
sun ▸ 37
shade ▸ 33
n/a ▸ 10

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