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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments islander babe

━━(i.) Identity
⇁ name: angelo holloway
⇁ sexuality: (view spoiler)
⇁ race: djinn
⇁ nickname: baby. like by everyone

━━(ii.) Birth
⇁ birthdate: july 2, 1990

⇁ birthplace: vaiusu, on the samoan island of upolu
⇁ birthname: aleki tamatoa
⇁ power level: 6
⇁ powers: Angelo is a genie, more specifically a water genie, or marid. It comes with many small powers that equal up to being a genie. For starters, he has an unatural aura of charm, one that is due to a genie's power to attract many peolpe to his/her domain. His other powers are all about water, he feels better near water, can breathe underwater for longer than most, and even has some control over it. Enough to where he could make some have to pee really bad, one of his favorite tricks.

⇁ influence: sun
⇁ job: swimming coach
⇁ roommate: n/a

━━(iv.) Appearance
⇁ eyes: a dark color, not sure what it is, sometimes brown, sometimes green.
⇁ hair: crazy, curly, and a dark brown hair, he ties it down usually so he doesn't walk around with a fro
⇁ build: slightly wide chest, good body from his workout routine he does, tan from his time in samoa, few visible tattoos, few not visible ones too.
⇁ voice: deep and can be loud if he needs it to be, still got a bit of islander in him and it shows in his voice
⇁ notable traits: his hair, his whole demeanor in general

━━(iv.) Disposition
⇁ personality: Baby is a lovable, well-respected guy. He has a flair of theatrics in him so he can be dramatic or plain goofy whenever. He loves to laugh and just have a good time. He enjoys a good party from time to time, though he can be very serious from time to time when it comes to working on his pieces of art, but he never likes to be. Angie is woodworker and loves working with his hands and being outdoors. He just enjoys being relaxed, and when Angelo is working, he is hella chill. He is very flirtatious and a hopless romantic, he just likes to pair up students and faculty alike in his head. He takes his job at the school not all that seriously, usually letting the kids do whatever. He just wants to be there so no one drowns. A lot of the students like him a lot, some due to his natural attractionand others because he is a cool dude and wants to hear about their lives.
⇁ history:(view spoiler)

-breakbot- baby i'm yours
-lake street drive- lola (originally by the kinks)
-baby driver- simon & garfunkel
-e-dubble- be a king

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments lazy boy extraordinaire

「01.」 Supernatural
▾ ⋮ name: creedance vanderland
▾ ⋮ species: sorcerer
▾ ⋮ power lvl: 2
▾ ⋮ powers: he dabbles in all kinds of magics, but the only stuff he really uses is anything that can make his life easier. Mostly stuff like levitation and telekensis so he dosen't have to move his arms or legs, or maybe a silencing spell if someone is too loud.
▾ ⋮ wealth: what money? Oh..yeah..that stuff

▾ ⋮ place of birth: leeds, england
▾ ⋮ influence: shade
▾ ⋮ year: 6
▾ ⋮ house: elderlock


▾ ⋮ hair: Blonde, shoulder length, and not taken cared of
▾ ⋮ eyes: small brown irises and little black pupils, dull
▾ ⋮ build: not the worlds strongest guy, dosent really work out, a little pudgy
▾ ⋮ voice: <--that but lighter
▾ ⋮ ect: ears pierced and usualy will wear simple studs, usually wears sweatshirt and shorts, regardless of weather, king of the "your a dumbass" look

▾ ⋮ (view spoiler)

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments the mostly deaf bookworm

「01.」 Supernatural
▾ ⋮ name: rene geiger
▾ ⋮ species: dragon
▾ ⋮ power lvl: 0 (but dosent know what he can do, once he does he is proably like a 5)
▾ ⋮ wealth: has enough plus a little more

▾ ⋮ place of birth: france
▾ ⋮ influence: sun
▾ ⋮ year: 4
▾ ⋮ house: brigmore


▾ ⋮ hair: loose mop if briwn hair
▾ ⋮ eyes: blue with flecks of darker color, wears glasses due to lackluster sight
▾ ⋮ build: no muscle, skin and bones kind of look
▾ ⋮ voice: dosent speak much, but the words he say are spoken in a deaf tone and quiet.
▾ ⋮ ect: rene is near deaf but is very good at reading lips and can still hear a little, enough to where combined, he can understand what someone is saying

(view spoiler)

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments #4, cutthroat rich bitch
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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments the dumb sweetheart

「01.」 Supernatural
▾ ⋮ name: beretta "po-po" okada
▾ ⋮ species: werewolf
▾ ⋮ power lvl: 3
▾ ⋮ wealth:

▾ ⋮ place of birth: japan
▾ ⋮ influence: moon
▾ ⋮ year: 6
▾ ⋮ house: saffron


▾ ⋮ hair: short in a haircut and a dark brown, usually hidden in a ballcap
▾ ⋮ eyes: small and a dull green color
▾ ⋮ build: bulky, muscular, normal skin tone, a tad hairy, and very tall
▾ ⋮ voice: low and slow

(view spoiler)
▾ ⋮ other: his four birds he keeps in his dorm. (view spoiler)

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments #6, Simply, hello
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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments you motherfucker...

「01.」 Supernatural
▾ ⋮ name: cricket finch
▾ ⋮ species: witch
▾ ⋮ power lvl: 6
▾ ⋮ wealth: pretty well off, my friend

▾ ⋮ place of birth: southern usa
▾ ⋮ influence: moon
▾ ⋮ position: part of defacto, harbinger
▾ ⋮ house: lives in syracuse


▾ ⋮ hair: a light brown color, wavy and done slicked back slightly. With the most amazing moustach and a little bit of scruff.
▾ ⋮ eyes: blue
▾ ⋮ build: lean and fit
▾ ⋮ voice: a lighter voice, but with a drawl that can send shivers down peolpes spines
▾ ⋮ ect: wears clothes that are snazzy, but can hit at being sexual. Maybe a button up that has one too many buttons down or pants that are slightly to tight in his netheregions.

(view spoiler)

「05.」 Playlist
float on
in Hell i'll be in good company
you sexy thing
the devil wears a suit and tie

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 240 comments papa's little junebug
「01.」 Supernatural
▾ ⋮ name: june vasari
▾ ⋮ species: dhampir (just means only half vampire half human)
▾ ⋮ power lvl: solid 2 (mostly human)
▾ ⋮ wealth: no

▾ ⋮ place of birth: somewhere near russia
▾ ⋮ influence: moon
▾ ⋮ year: 1
▾ ⋮ house: n/a


▾ ⋮ hair: blonde, straight hair. Kind of like straw.
▾ ⋮ eyes: a greyish color with flecks of red, very intese and hard to look away from
▾ ⋮ build: a twig without much of anything, but thats just cuz she is a kid
▾ ⋮ voice: light and sing songy

▾ ⋮ personality: june, or junebug, is a quieter kid when someone first meets ger, mostly because she isnt a big fan of strangers. But once you warm her up a little, she is cheery and more than happy to blab about anything. She loves nature, despite her predicament. June can get really bad sunburns, headaches, and gets tired easily when her skin is in contact with the sun, so she carries a blanket around with her that covers her body. She usally ties it like a cape or has it just wrapped aroubd with only her face showing. Bugs are her favorite thing to mess with being smaller than her. She is small, but has a big heart. She loves affection and spends a lot of her time with her Papa, but at the school she has plenty of friends. Though she is forgetful and usually has to ask peolpe in each class she goes to for a pencil, as she just dosent remember to take the one someone else gives her.
▾ ⋮ history: (view spoiler)
▾ ⋮ other: carries a red blanket around with her evrywhere, hence the nickname Linus

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