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         descriptiondescriptionportermount ❝ S P E C I E S▾
→ The world of portermount is directly parallel to the mundane world, an overlapping society of those supernaturally inclined who were born with a special connection to a source of power outside of the known universe called "abyss." these powers can manifest in a myriad of ways, from werewolves, to vampires, pixies and harpies, from the world below to the world above, everything outside of the mundane, it all stems from a great unseen power that flows from the abyss into individuals born with a "spark."

Some who are born with the spark immediately have their powers, it may have been genetic, some are born with that spark by chance and instead need to activate it somehow (being bitten, or looking into the arcane arts.) Those with this spark have lived in society for hundreds of years, their abilities passed down through generations. Some have revered them, told stories of them as "gods." And many of those gods even live today still. Others have hunted them, seeing them as banes on society that need to be terminated.

Addermire aims to find those individuals and help them reach their potential in their own way, without the threat of society constantly looming overhead.
description▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ [a b y s s​​​]​ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
description ↳ c l a s s e s▾
descriptiondescription d a r k ⇢ (view spoiler)
descriptiondescription l i g h t ⇢ (view spoiler)
descriptiondescription s h a d e ⇢ (view spoiler)

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         descriptiondescriptionthe houses​​ ❝ F O U R▾
→ Each house is characterized by aspirations, drive, and overall personality. The house that the student is sorted into is not in any way indicative of their aptitude however, and therefore people of all different diversities can be found in each one. The house they are sorted into is determined through the Trials of Aptitude at the beginning of the year - in which all four masters of each house band together and ask the students specific questions within a ten minute period. These trials typically last for about a week, as the school is unsurprisingly quite exclusive and doesn't take more than five hundred new students at the start of each year.
description▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ [houses​​​]​ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
description ↳ E L D E R L O C K▾
descriptiondescription wolfsbane ⇢ (view spoiler)
   ⇢ taken house ranks
▸house master - pika

description ↳ B R I G M O R E▾
descriptiondescription roses ⇢ (view spoiler)
   ⇢ taken house ranks
▸ house master - kaya
▸ head house member - sakura

description ↳ S A F F R O N▾
descriptiondescription dragon's tongue ⇢ (view spoiler)
   ⇢ taken house ranks
▸house master - donovan
▸ assistant house member - fenrir

description ↳ V O I D▾
descriptiondescription wildflowers ⇢ (view spoiler)
   ⇢ taken house ranks
▸house master - oliver (olly outtie)
▸head house member - mr flame
▸assistant house member - rose boy

description▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ [positions]​ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
description ↳ r a n k s▾
description▸ house master
description▸ head house member
description▸ assistant house member

description▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ [years]​ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
description ↳ a g e s▾
description▸ 1st years~ [11-12 yrs old]
description▸ 2nd year~ [12-13 yrs old]
description▸ 3rd year~ [13-14 yrs old]
description▸ 4th year~ [14-15 yrs old]
description▸ 5th year~ [15-16 yrs old]
description▸ 6th year~ [16-17 yrs old]
description▸ 7th year~ [17-18 yrs old]

description▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ [events]​ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
description ↳ e v e n t s▾
description▸trials of aptitude
(view spoiler)

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         descriptiondescriptionthe lore ❝ B A C K G R O U N D▾

description ↳ the story of creation▾
the abyss is a force outside of perception that lies beneath our fingertips and watches us from within. it is not a location, and yet it can be found, it is not a feeling and yet it can be felt. within the abyss, time stops working, the laws of physics have no place. it is a source of insurmountable power and occasionally it slips through cracks in the slab and falls into the mundane world at random, with no set of motivations or moral conscious.

addermire is an institution settled in a realm between the abyss and the mundane world called "portermount." this is a realm created by those who were powerful enough to weave a new tapestry into the fabric of spacetime. no one knows where those few went, we call them primordials, they haven't been seen in thousands of years. but they left behind a world of great potential and opportunity, a world that can be entered through doors or windows in the mundane world - if you know how to open those doors and windows that is.

currently, though people don't know of them, there are four primordials. the eldest is lost to present recollection, but the triplets remain. it was these triplets that singlehandedly created portermount, they have a direct connection to the abyss. think of it as an ocean, they swim amongst that ocean - but those who are simply sparked are those connected to the rivers that branch off from the ocean itself.

the two headmasters of addermire are two of the three triplets. each of them symbolize a moral idea - lawful good, true neutral, and chaotic evil. the former two tricked chaotic evil into creating portermount because it was chaotic evil who had intended on enslaving the whole of the human race and using portermount as a safe haven for the "genetically superior." it was chaotic evil who had intended on meshing portermount and the mundane world together in order to hold a dictatorship over the "lesser beings." lawful good and true neutral promptly locked chaotic evil away the moment they all finished the creation of portermount and the two of them continued with the construction of addermire institute.

though not many people know that story. not many people know the headmasters. nor do they realize that the primordials existed.

all was safe and sound for centuries, the school worked functionally as it was supposed to, no one was harmed, what people didn't know didn't hurt them. but recently there's been a bit of an emergency. the third primordial has been released by some unknown force. chaotic evil itself is free and those who believe they are superior simply by right of birth are beginning to stand up to the king and queen of portermount, a civil war has begun - putting addermire institute in a state of emergency.

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         descriptiondescriptionrebellion ❝ D E F A C T O▾

description ↳ ♠ it's our right
it was two of the three siblings that took it upon themselves to lock away chaotic evil - the primordial influence of the moon. for thousands of years the third primordial had been locked under chain and key - but just recently they've escaped (and not been claimed), and they haven't quite changed their mind on what the state of humanity should be.

chaotic evil, the third primordial, firmly believes that every human is below those touched by the abyss and aims to create a faction of rebels, dethrone the current king and queen, and dismantle the two headmasters of addermire institute - by any means necessary.

not much is currently known by the public about the third primordial, not their gender, nor their form, appearance - everything is left to the unknown. they appear in a hooded cloak, their voice fluctuates and changes, but they carry with them a blade of terrifying construction, and currently there have been four known student deaths and two staff deaths, along with many reportedly missing syracuse citizens.

the defacto symbol is a simple spades mark, sometimes stamped, other times spray painted onto the sides of buildings in syracuse. the atmosphere has completely changed, a tense shift from the peaceful leisure it had been before. there is no trust, not even amongst the staff, friends betraying friends, strangers killing strangers, where will you fall?

description ↳ ♠ the tremor
only about a week ago, after the release of chaos himself, a vast tremor was released onto the citizens of portermount. creating feelings of extreme paranoia and upset - intermingling with the shambling political climate of portermount, there has been mass debate over what to do about those who are moon influenced - those who were effected the most.

because chaotic evil is so closely associated with the moon influence, those within that range, especially those who are more in touch with their instincts (werewolves, elementals, etc), have been extremely agitated as of late. they've been discriminated against far more than beforehand. unable to control some of their base abilities, they've been volatile and because of this, many are pointing fingers at them for the recent killings within the capital city syracuse and the surrounding towns.

those under the moon influence have notoriously faced discrimination because of their darker inclinations, now things have just gotten worse for them. some of them are defecting simply to feel belonged somewhere, desperate for a way out. some are defecting because of their darker inclinations.

though one thing's for sure, the staff and faculty are hiding something from the students, addermire is a boiling pot of paranoia as it stands.

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         descriptiondescriptiondivinities ❝ R E L I G I O N▾

description ↳ ♞ the nine divines
many citizens of portermount have not been exposed to the mundane world or have abandoned it completely in order to live their lives freely within the bounds of the alternate plane. these citizens have taken up worshiping in the nine divines - the nine primordials who created the planes of portermount.

these primordials have gone missing, as far as they know. each of them represent a specific moral alignment by which society functions. most people do not worship all nine of the divines though - but instead pledge their allegiance to one or two of those nine, sometimes even receiving blessings or gifts from the primordials themselves.

it's important to note that the vast majority of citizens within portermount have no idea that the headmasters of addermire are primordials, seeing them as godlike figures who gave their lives for the creation of a safe plane for sparked to roam - nor that they were locked away long ago by the headmistress herself.

slowly these primordials are being released though by chaotic evil, otherwise known as tobias.

the nature primordials are the beings twisted into creation by the abyss itself, they represent the natural processes of the world and by default they do not have a physical form. however, they may choose to take on a host form, and if so, the host retains their memories and species but is then burdened by the knowledge of their aspect (some aspects overlap of course), and every memory that comes with that. typically the hosts become hosts through unwilling sacrificial offerings - in which case they're abducted by a cult of some sort. rarely is it willing.
aion is the passage of time.
nirvana is equilibrium.
elyisum is the entropy of all things.
hermaes is the arcane knowledge of every plain of existence.
teset is death itself.
calypso is fate.
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ [availability]​ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
↳ lawful good▾ - cara devries (olly)
↳ chaotic good▾- brandon leroux (rose boy)
↳ neutral good▾- (hammie)
↳ lawful neutral▾- (mr flame)
↳ chaotic neutral▾- lin kay ryuh (jellybean)
↳ true neutral▾- hyunwoo (kaya)
↳ lawful evil▾- landon alby (amber)
↳ chaotic evil▾- (kaos)
↳ neutral evil▾(boxboy)

▬▬▬▬▬▬ [unspecified deities]​ ▬▬▬▬▬▬
↳ aion▾(unavailable)
↳ nirvana▾- (amber)
↳ elysium▾ - (fiend)
↳ hermaes▾- (kaya)
↳ teset▾- (bubbles)
↳ calypso▾- (fiend)

8/2/2018 - chaotic neutral has been released from her bounds and has taken sides with defacto. denali, a princess of portermount is also within the ranks, with jameson white currently holding an investigation on her. rune, a harbinger of defacto is currently in the process of converting jameson to their side. hope bastian has also joined defacto
sin and tobias are actively considering next releasing lawful evil - of whom they hope to sway into the favor of their cause. antoni has come back from the dead through the help of the black widow, annabelle wright is in some deep shit with several defacto members.
tobias hopes to convince oliver, the void house master, to fight for his cause, while sin plots the abduction of angus. cricket remains unnoticed, bouncing from party to party, recruiting as many people as he possibly can. (if i missed anything, do tell me)

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this is a subplot, it is not directly connected to the primordial plot

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         descriptiondescriptionthose unfortunate few ❝ V O I D▾

description ↳ ♞ they can see it all
for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. the void is the answer to the abyss, and while the abyss is a stream of divine creation into every branching dimension of the universe - the void devours everything in its path, a stream of destruction. and like the abyss, there are those who are connected to it, that stream of unbiased malevolence.

those few are sorted into the most exclusive of the houses, house void. they're often excluded from school events, their absences are excused, even if it's prolonged by days or weeks at a time and no one really knows about the qualities and attributes they're associated with, aside from being elusive and knowing things. because you see, the void house specializes in knowledge. not in the sense that they're information brookers or investigators as a whole - but in the sense that it is the bane of their existence. in one way or another each of them is afflicted by some terrible source of knowledge. be it voices of the dead, or soon to be dead, nightmares, visions, seizures.

incredibly close, almost to a familial point, each house member has their own unique response to their connection with the void, because the void itself shapes and molds around individuals according to their situations, traits and motivations.but because of their connection to the void, more often than not, these house members are morally ambiguous, capable of seeing things from every possible angle to an almost excruciating degree.

their abilities, while mostly focused on the self and knowledge, tend to be a bit destructive and volatile - often distorting reality itself, so when they're unstable they'll often need to take days out of class just to be sure that they don't end up hurting someone else. recently many of them have been taking more and more sick days - the tremor hit them the absolute hardest, as many void house members are incredibly empathic, their connection to the void makes them more susceptible to the emotions of others and the natural balance of the world. it's important to note that you must request to make one of these characters, and that to be a void house member is to suffer the burdens of one's own blessing.

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ [house members]​ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
description ↳ V O I D▾
descriptiondescription wildflowers ⇢ (view spoiler)

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this is a subplot, it is not directly connected to the primordial plot

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         descriptiondescriptionroyalty and the isles ❝ M A P▾

description ↳ ♞ it's like a game of chess

valacore is a rocky, mountainous region inhabited mainly by the ancients, dragons and frost trolls and the sorts. it is a ruthless dwelling with very little government interference and little settlements sparsely thrown about, most of them isolated from one another.

nividia is similar to valacore in the aspect of frost - but it is instead flatter plains, tundras and hills with pastures here and there. it's inhabited by grand witches and warlocks, those who strive to study the secrest of the abyss, characterized by its massive college (though nowhere near the size of Addermire) where people may focus independently of specific areas of magical study. it's the most ominous of the isles - sporting the closest connection to the abyss and by extension - the void.

serkonos is a major center for trade even though it is largely regarded as the poorest isle. most of its population consists of beggars, whores and merchants - as some would describe them. gypsies and witches are prevalent here, card readings, psychic sessions are all everyday occurrences and the weather is near tropical.

vesinia is a land of wilds, shapeshifters and lycans running about their daily lives in many clusters of towns and cities that trail off into vast wilderness. they have very clear laws and they're strongly regarded as the friendliest of those within the isles - with a bit of a temper on their side. typically blue collar or middle class, rarely feral, visinia's residents are incredibly accepting of travelers and new inhabitants, holding monthly festivals that celebrate the cycles of the moon.

alseid is the diamond of portermount, the center of trade, the posh of society. its capital is syracuse, where addermire resides and its inhabitants while mostly mixed also largely consist of high elves and fae folk. outside of the inner cities you'd find forests where the fae folk reside in towns constructed within the cavernous trunks of trees and overgrowth.


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