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Stephanie Meyer Interview

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message 1: by Mellady77 (new)

Mellady77 Stibich | 47 comments Stephanie does an interview regarding The Host as seen here:

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Mellady77 Stibich | 47 comments Another good interview from

ⓘsⓐbεℓℓⓐ Liked it! I thought it was a little funny when she said that the people might through the book out of the balcony when they see that's theres no Edward in it. I feel a little sorry for her. I mean I'm happy that she is famous, because she really is a great character but she always gets hammered about writing Midnight Sun. I mean writing should be to entertain yourself and others. Its like ruining the fun when people doing that to you.

message 4: by Tyler (new)

Tyler (tylernicole) | 5 comments i like how she said that you belong anywhere a good book is.. and all that stuff.

message 5: by Mellady77 (new)

Mellady77 Stibich | 47 comments Yeah, I really liked that too. But I'm getting restless for some new material from her. I bet she's got some fantastic ideas so I'm really ready to go.

message 6: by ⓑⓔ©©ⓐ (new)

ⓑⓔ©©ⓐ Yea I'm getting restless also. She makes really good books so I'm hoping she working on one right now! I just wish that whole thing with Midnight Sun wouldn't have happened! Because then she would be telling us if shes writing another book. I can't stand not knowing!!!

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ⓑⓔ©©ⓐ I don't want my hopes to come up then crash down.

message 8: by Mellady77 (new)

Mellady77 Stibich | 47 comments I don't think that Midnight Sun, or Dark High Noon as some fan sites are calling it, is going to happen. I think it's done. Finito.

message 9: by ⓑⓔ©©ⓐ (new)

ⓑⓔ©©ⓐ I know. Like she said "Its hard to finish it when your feeling change."

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