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message 1: by Jane (new)

Jane Blythe Hello!

Could someone please add my book Christmas Captive ( to my Christmas Romantic Suspense Series (

I know the series title seems vague but yes this is a series with related characters, secondary character in book one is main character in book two, and so on

Thank you!

message 2: by Al (new)

Al Duran | 428 comments Done.

message 3: by Jane (new)

Jane Blythe Thank you so much, you guys are so prompt!!

message 4: by Jane (new)

Jane Blythe Just checking, Christmas Captive is now added to my Christmas Romantic Suspense series but it doesn't list it as book two, I know sometimes it just takes a while for things to show up but just checking that it will show up as book two in the series


message 5: by Al (new)

Al Duran | 428 comments Book # added. Sorry, I didn’t read your first message carefully enough.

message 6: by Jane (new)

Jane Blythe Not a problem! Thanks for adding it as book two!

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