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Ruthie Joad
Lindsey LaChute Lindsey Jul 06, 2018 07:18AM
Why was Ruthie the one to spill the beans about Tom? Was there some significance to that or was she just used to add that layer of complexity to the Joad difficulties? We hear about her more and more near the end of the book. Is there significance to that or is it just that she is getting older louder and more able cause trouble? Is there symbolism in the red geranium petals?

I would say it was another mechanism used to display her passion. It was not just in passing that she "spilled the beans" it was during a somewhat heated exchange. I still don't understand why Steinbeck wanted to give her that characteristic but it does feel, to me at least, that that is what he was trying to do. I think the red geranium petals may play into this. Red being the color of passion.

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