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Procession of the Dead (The City Trilogy, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Fiction hardcover, man with no memories joins the mob (puppets). [s]

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Remora Luna Pendragon (RemoraLPendragon) | 2 comments It was a hardcover book maybe 500+ pages long written by a male I believe, I read it 2 years ago. A man wakes up on a train heading into a huge city, and he has no memories of anything. He ends up living with his uncle who is in the mob, and he joins his uncle in the profession. His uncle gets killed shortly after in a deal gone wrong and the main character finds himself brought upon the don of the mob itself and given a higher position. There was alot about puppets or marrianette dolls that had some sort of magic involved with them. Also every so often people would dissappear and nobody would remember they existed except the main character and the don. Thank you!

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Remora Luna Pendragon (RemoraLPendragon) | 2 comments It is the Procession of the dead! Thank you so much oh my goodness it's a trilogy haha thanks again

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