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The Kult
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Mystery, serial killer thriller. A serial killer named ORACLE hunts down five close friends after they frame him for their own murder. [s]

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Vignesh Venugopal (vickydir) | 5 comments A serial killer named Oracle is on loose. His MO is he arranges his victims dead body in an artistic way (as in painting). Protagonist is tasked with investigating him. Story takes a turning point after protagonist and his friends from childhood kill a guy and frame that murder on ORACLE as his next victim. ORACLE who finds this conspiracy starts hunting protagonist's friends one by one.
Protagonist and his four friends are close from childhood. They have joined together as a team to protect each other from bullies in school. Their friendship continues till now.

I have read the summary one year back. was planning to read it but forgot the title. Trying so hard to find its title. Thanks in advance

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Wynn (wynnga) | 17 comments The Kult by Shaun Jeffrey


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Vignesh Venugopal (vickydir) | 5 comments Thank you so much..:)

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