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2018 H1 check point - most interesting book so far this year?

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message 1: by Eric (new)

Eric Schatz | 396 comments Mod
It's summer reading season and halfway through the year. Time to check in and see how everyone's doing.

What's the most interesting book you've read so far this year? Are the book reviews in the group helpful? How can we make this more interesting?

Look forward to everyone's comments!

message 2: by Ellen (new)

Ellen Wilner | 6 comments I just joined the group and look forward to future comments. I recently read (and would recommend) Pachinko, The Taster and Homegoing. Many more to read on my list!

message 3: by Belinda (new)

Belinda (beribel) | 101 comments Mod
A fun year of reading for me so far with six 5-star ratings. Circe is probably my favourite fiction as it's a 'rework' of a greek mythology and also is of a popular theme of recent years (feminism... although I prefer the term 'team female')

message 4: by Eric (new)

Eric Schatz | 396 comments Mod
Thanks both! I loved Homegoing and have added the others to my list. For me, I'm in a good reading groove this year but more catching up on old classics I never read -- e.g., To Kill a Mockingbird; The Godfather; 1984; The Goldfinch; and Memoirs of a Geisha -- then new classics. However, a few notable tomes to recommend: The Bright Hour; I Have a Right To; and Before We Were Yours.

For the rest of the year, I've increased my target to 40 books; looking forward to the new Tana French novel in Oct -- her first book outside the Dublin Murder Squad series, which is excellent; and to continue to read authors have long missed, namely Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth.

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