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Born for Life: A Midwife's Story
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Julie Watson (bornformidwife) | 4 comments Hi everyone,

I am asking if anyone in the group might be interested in reviewing my book. I am happy to send a free copy if anyone is. My book is a memoir of my life and my journey to overcome many life changes to become a midwife. The book has birth stories from the 1970's when I was a Nurse and from the 1990's-2000's when I worked as an independent midwife. The book also tells of my life over that period and the challenges I faced, the main one being that my second baby died at birth. Thank you, Julie Watson

Yuuki Nakashima (yuukin) | 3 comments Hello Julie! Are you still looking for reviewers? If so, is the free copy physical?
I don’t read degital copies because my eyes get tired easily and I cannot concentrate on a digital book for a long time. So if I can get a physical copy, I’d love to read and review it! But even if you have free physical copies, you don’t want to send me it because I’m living in Japan and the shipping fee should be expensive...

Julie Watson (bornformidwife) | 4 comments Hi Yuuki,

I can send you a copy of my book if you forward me your address.

Thank you very much and I hope that you enjoy my story.


Yuuki Nakashima (yuukin) | 3 comments Really!? Wow!
I’ll send you a direct message! Thank you!!

message 5: by Marilyn (new)

Marilyn Friesen (marilynffriesen) | 9 comments Hi Julie, I’d like to review your book in trade for one of mine. Is that a deal?

message 6: by Frances (new)

Frances Richardson | 11 comments Marilyn, please check with Amazon first. I may be mistaken, but I don’t think Amazon allows authors to swap reviews.

Julie Watson (bornformidwife) | 4 comments Hi Marilyn, I am happy to send you an ebook copy with no obligation to review. According to Amazon it's the expectation of a review that is against the rules. My email address is

Kind regards,


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