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Hello, everyone. I created this group for young writers, much like myself. I wish that everyone has fun expressing yourself and being yourself. If being yourself means going crazy, or staying to yourself, it's perfectly fine and accepted here.

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Athena Hallo!!!!!!!!!

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Heya. Like the new group picture?

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Athena yupyup

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Haha. Heya, Athena.

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Athena heyzzzzzzzzz

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Evil freak Ranger | 2 comments hola

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Rachel (hirumayoichis) heyo

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Athena HEYZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Evil freak Ranger | 2 comments s'up?

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Athena Nothin much. Just rp-ing. wassup wit you?

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 Araceli Hi everyone!

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Rachel (hirumayoichis) Hi

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 Araceli Hey!

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Rachel (hirumayoichis) Sup?

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 Araceli Mmm, not much. How about you?

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Athena HI!!!!!!

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 Araceli Hey!!!

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Rachel (hirumayoichis) nothing

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Hey peepz!

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Athena HEy!!!!!!!!!!!

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I feel sooooo lonely since no one's rpin w/ me

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Athena Where?? In the Vamp??

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Rachel (hirumayoichis) i sorry

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nooo in other groups. :DC

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Athena ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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aww i g2g.

message 31: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (hirumayoichis) PHANTOM:
Down once more to the dungeon of my black despair!
Down we plunge to the prison of my mind!
Down that path into darkness deep as hell!
Why, you ask, was I bound and chained in this cold and dismal place?
Not for any mortal sin, but the wickedness of my abhorrent face!

Track down this murderer!
He must be found!
Track down this murderer!
He must be found!

Hounded out by everyone!
Met with hatred everywhere!
No kind word from anyone!
No compassion anywhere!
Christine, Christine ...
Why, why ...?

Your hand at the level of your eyes!
... at the level of your eyes ...
This is as far as I dare go.

Have you gorged yourself at last, in your lust for blood?
Am I now to be prey to your
lust for flesh?

That fate, which condemns me to wallow in blood has also denied me
the joys of the flesh ...
this face - the infection
which poisons our love ...
This face, which earned a mother's fear and loathing ...
A mask, my first unfeeling scrap of clothing ...
Pity comes too late - turn around
and face your fate: an eternity of this before your eyes!

This haunted face holds no horror for me now ...
It's in your soul that the true distortion lies ...

Wait! I think, my dear, we have a guest!


Sir, this is indeed an unparalleled delight!
I had rather hoped that you would come.
And now my wish comes true - you have truly made my night!

Free her!
Do what you like only free her!
Have you no pity?

Your lover makes a passionate plea!

Please Raoul, it's useless!

I love her!
Does that mean nothing?
I love her!
Show some compassion ...

The world showed no compassion to me!

Christine ...
Christine ...Let me see her ...

Be my guest, sir ...
Monsieur, I bid you welcome!
Did you think that
I would harm her?
Why should I make her pay for the sins which are yours?
Order your fine horses now!
Raise up your hand to the level of your eyes!
Nothing can save you now - except perhaps Christine ...
Start a new life with me -
Buy his freedom with your love!
Refuse me, and you send your lover to his death!
This is the choice -
This is the point of no return!

The tears I might have shed for your dark fate grow cold, and turn to tears of hate!

Christine, forgive me please forgive me ...
I did it all for you, and all for nothing ...

Farewell my fallen idol and false friend ...
We had such hopes and now
Those hopes are shattered!

Too late for turning back, too late for prayers and useless pity!

Say you love him and my life is over

All hope of cries for help; no point in fighting!

For either way you choose, he has to win/you cannot win!

So, do you end your days with me,
or do you send him to his grave?

Why make her lie to you, to save me?

Angel of Music ...

Past the point of no return -

For pity's sake,
Christine, say no!

...who deserves this?

... the final threshold...

Don't throw your life away for my sake!

When will you see reason ...?

His life is now the prize which you must earn!

I fought so hard to free you ...

Angel of Music ...

You've passed the point of no return ...

... you deceived me.
I gave my mind blindly.

You try my patience - make your choice!

Pitiful creature of darkness ...
What kind of life have you known ...?
God give me courage to show you you are not alone ...

Track down this murderer
He must be found!...

Take her - forget me - forget all of this ...
Leave me alone - forget all you've seen ...
Go now - don't let them find you!
Take the boat - swear to me never to tell
The secrets you know of the angel in hell

The Phantom of the Opera is there inside your mind!

Go now! Go now, and leave me!

Paper faces on parade...
Hide your face so the world will never find you...
Christine, I love you...

Say you'll share with me, one love, one lifetime...

Say the word and I will follow you...

Share each day with me, each night, each morning...

You alone can make my song take flight -
it's over now, the music of the night!

message 32: by Athena (new)

Athena AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

message 33: by Leader Echo (new)

Leader Echo | 2 comments HI EVERYONE!

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message 35: by Jenn (new)

Jenn hey shorty

Rachel (Raindrop Baker) (therootbeer) Yo. I am new here.

message 37: by Marissa (new)

Marissa (rissawafer) | 18 comments Hiyoh, the name's Marissa B) I'm glad I found this group for writers, it sounds aweeesome.

Rachel (Raindrop Baker) (therootbeer) I know, right? My name is Rachel B. I got invited to this group, and it sounded fun, so I joined.

message 39: by Marissa (new)

Marissa (rissawafer) | 18 comments C-c-coolness, (:

So what kind of writing have we all written?

I mostly write fanfiction, but I've written one novel, and I can't wait for NaNoWriMo this year, so I can write my next one, :p

Rachel (Raindrop Baker) (therootbeer) I have been writing three books, and my sisters are begging me to write another that has their names in them...

message 41: by Jenn (new)

Jenn ive tried to right books, but for the most part i get one chapter done and never

Rachel (Raindrop Baker) (therootbeer) lol. Most of my book idea's came from dreams, and one of them, I started like five times.

message 43: by ⓑⓔ©©ⓐ (new)

ⓑⓔ©©ⓐ Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i wrote a story finally...well the first chapter..ish lol its called Loosing Takes You off Track

message 44: by ⓑⓔ©©ⓐ (new)

ⓑⓔ©©ⓐ u ppl should b proud of me!! after all this time in this group I FINALLY wrote a story8D

message 45: by [deleted user] (new)

lol, YAY!!!!

Rachel (Raindrop Baker) (therootbeer) I have been writing three stories, and I am proud of myself too.

❦✮ Sophie ✮❦ (sophie_the_great) | 4 comments Awesome!
I get all these cool story ideas, but then put them down on paper and realize how stupid they sound, so I put them in a box in my closet and never look at them again. I write short stories though... =D

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lol, same

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