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A Clash of Kings  (A Song of Ice and Fire, #2)
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Magdalena | 414 comments George R.R. Martin is a very capable writer and if he just treated women better this might be one of my all time favorite series. Anyway this is book two and although I liked book one better (less battling for one thing) I still enjoyed parts of this. The title gives you a pretty good idea of what it's about; four kings all believing they have the rightful claim to the throne and not caring how many people have to die for them to get their wish. I like some of the characters but honestly I try not to get too attached since the good characters tend to die.

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Jgrace | 3112 comments I read the first one, but I only made it half way through this one. I think I realized there was never going to be any settled resolution for any of his chraracters and it just seemed too exhausting to go on.
And I agree with you about his treatment of women.

Magdalena | 414 comments Yes, he doesn't seem to want his characters to have even a moments happiness. They just get dragged from one traumatic event to the next and it gets quite exhausting after a while.
And his treatment of women, oh my god I'm grinding my teeth just thinking about it.

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