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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Girl with superpowers kills people after traumatic event

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ALC1313 | 3 comments It’s been a really long time since I read this one, but I remember a lot of it, just not character names.

It’s about a family of four- mother, father, older brother, younger sister. They live in a house with a basement, and this basement has white roots growing in it, that the daughter is afraid of. This family is struggling for money, and the parents come up with an idea to make a whole bunch. They had heard of a story about someone’s child falling (down a well maybe?) and receiving tons of donations from sympathetic people after gaining a lot of media attention. They decide to try this, out of desperation. The father finds a hole in the ground, and lines it with soft burlap, so that it won’t be such a hard landing. This trap is meant for their older son, who they think is braver and could handle the situation better. They plan a picnic near this hole, and intend on having the brother fetch something from the picnic basket, which would require him to walk across the then-concealed hole and fall in. Before they can do this, the younger daughter falls in first, and they are all terrified. They call for help, but the girl has fallen in a lot farther than the parents had planned on, and getting her out is nearly impossible. They do gain a lot of media attention, which does earn them a lot of sympathetic donations. A lot of effort is put into getting her out, including trying to dig a parallel hole next to her in order to reach her. All initial efforts fail, and she is stuck for days, being fed and watered through a long straw. Eventually she falls even farther, landing in some sort of cavern, filled with these terrifying white roots. The brother is sent down in a harness and manages to pull her out, but something has happened to the girl and she is nearly catatonic with fear. The family moves away in order to help their daughter to overcome this horrifying ordeal and do not return to their hometown for many years. After the children have grown up, the whole family does return, and finds that this event was the most exciting thing that ever happened to their little town, and everyone made a huge deal out of it, even creating exhibits displaying pictures of the rescue, and the daughter’s clothes that she’d worn and had “pottied” in. There is something wrong with the girl now, she has these ‘powers’ and uses them to start killing off those involved with these exhibits. She makes one guy drink acid in a restaurant, and makes one man boil himself to death after he tries to sleep with her at his house. I think the woman who ran the museum was described as being “Dolly Parton-like” in appearance. At the end, I think the girl finds the hole and pulls herself and her mother into it, killing them both. The books ends with the brother noticing these particular flowers growing where they died, and him taking special care not to step on any.

Any ideas?

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Kris | 36568 comments Mod
ALC1313. around what year did you read this book?

What's the genre or tone - fantasy, horror, for young adults (teens) or older adults, etc.?

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ALC1313 | 3 comments Someone figured it out! It’s called A Small, Dark Place by Martin Schenk.

message 4: by Rosa (new)

Rosa (rosaiglarsh) | 5231 comments Oh, good. Did you ask someone?
A Small Dark Place for the link.

message 5: by ALC1313 (new)

ALC1313 | 3 comments Sort of! I used a book search site similar to this one on reddit.

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